Review – Doubler Zone is Scam! Review – Doubler Zone is Scam!

Welcome to the review. This is a quick analysis of DoublerZone, a site that claims to operate a fully automated Bitcoin doubler, generating as much as 20% every hour until you have attained a ROI of $200.

The game is simple. Once you send Bitcoins to Doubler Zone, you are supposed to received a double amount of your initial deposit in 10 hours.

The minimum required to invest with Doubler Zone is 0.002 Bitcoins while the maximum is capped at 10 BTC.

The site does not disclose ownership information. Nonetheless, there is a ”team member’s” page on the site. The people listed here are Dennis Roberts (founder of company), Clarke Grinn (financial advisor) and four others.

I do not understand why these ”team members” are represented with stock photos.

doubler zone team members

doubler zone founder

Doubler Zone either made a mistake or deliberately used stock photos because their staff members had refused to have their photos put out there.

Otherwise, I find myself coming to the conclusion that DoublerZone has no real employees.

The main issue is that this site is promising to double Bitcoins quickly and easily.

Can we double Bitcoins like this? Is it acceptable to use the words ”Bitcoin doubling” in the first place?

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Doubler.Zone Review

Let’s use common logic to judge that all these Bitcoin doubling sites are run by scammers.

There is an upsurge in Bitcoin doubling programs lately. But we all know that one cannot double their returns in one day.

doubler zone review

One thing you have to understand is that Doubler.Zone is a financial game.

It is not designed to last. That is why they are using stock photos and making sure that the owner is completely anonymous.

Doubler.Zone will pay out returns based on new deposits because most of the time, these scams only pay when they have received a deposit. That is not magic.

However, there is a real possibility that Doubler.Zone won’t pay or will stop paying altogether (If it used to pay). Either way, participants will still lose money to the scammer in charge of its operations.

Doubler.Zone review – fake transaction details

You’ll see a long list of deposits, dates and amount of payouts. The column labeled ”Type” keeps changing from deposits to payout because the script is meant to work like that.

What you are seeing in this long list of fake Bitcoin transactions is nothing other than random Bitcoin addresses that do not represent actual transactions. This list is an imitation to fool you.

Doubler.Zone review – how the site plans to scam you

The game should be simple. You see, the foundation has been laid. The scammers have leveraged on a fake transaction table to persuade you with fake payouts.

They’ve also claimed that Doubler.Zone is a company based out of Oxford, UK. Again, this is to try attaining credibility. UK company registration is very cheap. Scammers use it to attain credibility.

Now look, is operating in the UK illegally. If they are doubling investor funds, they are operating like a fund manager.

We know very well that UK regulates the activities of fund managers. Take a look at this regulated fund manager. They are regulated from where they come from, and that’s because they are legitimate.

But Doubler Zone isn’t regulated, and yet it continues its illegal operations in the UK. review – the conclusion

I do not know what might push you to make a deposit with this site.

For me, I see it as a scam. That’s why they are anonymously accepting deposits in Cryptocurrencies only. A huge red flag.

I do not understand how a genuine Bitcoin investment website can use stock photos. There are so many wrong things about this site. So keep off.

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