Digital Payday Review – A Big Big Scam!!

| | 0 Comments is the latest financial scam on the internet. The domain where Digital PayDay is hosted at was created on May 2018 and updated in June 2018.

The owner remains anonymous though. Therefore, in this Digital PayDay review, we will be going through the shady website to point out the things you should be concerned with.

On the landing page of Digital Payday, we are introduced to someone called Daniel Bluth. The name Daniel Bluth is a pseudo. We are discussing a stock photo as well.

This stock photo wants us to believe that they are a self-made millionaire and an entrepreneur.

Digital Payday review

However, they also want us to believe that they’ve replicated the secrets of tech giants Google and Facebook and are giving away that secret through their site, Digital Payday.

In addition to this, they claim that to this day, they have earned $15 million dollars in revenue and are now looking to give back to the community through Digital Payday website.

This story does not sound convincing. It sounds like something that was made up by the anonymous owner of a dubious platform.

Digital Payday is allegedly making $13,000 per day. How exactly is this money generated? It’s through a poor mixture of some trading here and advertising there.

Let’s find out below.

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Digital Payday Review

First of all, this is a confusing scam. The person behind this website is very dump as they cannot create a proper landing page with all the information that visitors need.

While the video on the sales page is talking about banner ads, the rest of the site is talking about Bitcoins. This is something that has to do with trading.

This is the truth. Scammers simply lifted the very same video that appeared on the Bitcoin Code scam and used it here. As a result, their careless actions created more confusion.

This only proves that Digital Payday is not trading Cryptocurrencies. Maybe you’ll realize this fact when you take a risk and send them your funds (I don’t encourage this).

Digital Payday

Digital Payday Review – fake testimonials

As usual, the scammers who run this site are making use of fake testimonials in form of people who appear on this site to claim that they are making money with Digital Payday.

The truth of the matter is that they are all actors. They are doing so because they got paid. Some were hired for as little as $10 on fiverr.

Digital Payday Review – how this is supposed to work!

These scammers are funny. Upon signing up, we were ushered in to a message that informed us that we had signed up with Clicksdealer.

Clicksdealer has something to do with digital advertising. The scammers want you to pay money on the promise that you will generate some income.

If you send them your money, guess what? You will lose it all. That’s it.

Digital Payday Review – the conclusion

By now, we know that this scam has got nothing to do with trading of Bitcoins. Most scams pretend to be trading when they are doing absolutely nothing.

If you want to trade Bitcoins for real, get yourself a reliable and trustworthy broker and start doing it yourself. If you have no idea, get some training here.