Digital Altitude Scammers Demand $100K to Meet Legal Fees

They say that karma is a bitch, and it strikes when you least expected it. The problem with most MLM scammers is that they usually put all their eggs in one basket such that when their assets are frozen, they are left with no other funding option other than to rot in jail since they can’t hire legal counsel. A Digital Altitude lawsuit has left two scammers, Michael Force and Mary Dee, demanding $100,000 to at least cover their legal fees.

This was met with opposition on the 24th of April 2018 when the FCT filed a lawsuit against it.

In the FTC motion against Digital Altitude’s ridiculous demand for $100,000, the FTC alleges that on the March 14, 2018, defendants (Digital Altitude) admitted most of the allegations that were brought against them.

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At the PI hearing, Digital Altitude admitted that they had no basis for making such outrageous demand in a court of law.

However, the only thing that Digital Altitude operators had not conceded was whether individual defendants had sufficient knowledge to place the burden of equitable monetary liability on their consumers.

In other words, the FTC is candidly enforcing the fact that Digital Altitude has no right whatsoever to protect or defend themselves in a court of law with money that has been stolen from innocent victims.

This is money that Michael Force and Mary Dee stole through their Digital Altitude MLM operation which amounts to $54 Million according to the ongoing analysis which is being conducted by the Receiver.

In addition to that, the FTC argues that none of the defendants in charge of  Digital Altitude MLM has the right to be treated to a taxpayer-funded counsel.

And therefore the burden of acquiring and retaining legal counsel rests upon their heads.

The thing is, Digital Altitude scam operators are not able to meet the cost of hiring a lawyer because in the past few years, they have been accumulating wealth by way of scamming internet users.

Only $2.2 million has so far being recovered out of the $54 million. The question is, where is the balance? One can only wonder how this money was spent.

Digital Altitude

It’s clear that even if it was spent on luxury or other investment outlets, Force and Dee are broke and can’t afford to meet their legal fees obligations.

Maybe they should consider borrowing a loan from Digital Altitude’s top earners. If for some reason they are not successful, then karma is gonna be a real bitch here.

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