Diamond managed Fx Review


Welcome to the Diamond Managed Fx review. Diamondmanagedfx.com is a Managed Forex account provider promising monthly returns of between 10%-25%.

At the center of Diamond Managed FX service is the promise that clients will gain high returns with minimal risks since DiamondManagedFX only employs professional risk management approaches to trading.

This Money manager claims to work with the world’s largest Forex brokers with an excellent reputation. However, the sales page only discloses two Forex brokers, Pepperstone and FXchoice.

Diamond Managed FX review

To invest with Diamond Managed FX, clients require a minimum of $10,000 which they claim will be raised to $50,000 in February.

In my opinion, this is just a marketing ploy to create a false sense of urgency. Diamond Managed FX does not disclose whether the new minimum deposit requirement is in place today.

Furthermore, this managed Forex account service is accepting USA and Canada clients. I believe that USA clients will have their trading accounts with Pepperstone Forex broker.

USA has the strictest rules in online trading. If they can bypass the rules (which I seriously doubt), then it looks like this managed Forex account service is also targeting clients on a global scale.

To contact Diamond Managed FX, clients must use a contact form of the website. Neither a support email or telephone number were provided.

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Diamond Managed FX Review

In this Diamond Managed FX review, I am concerned with the background of the entity behind this managed Forex account service as well as the promises which are being made to their clients on the sales page.

Diamond Managed FX website does not disclose any ownership information. The domain was created in 2013 and is due to expire on August 2018.

A whois search reveals that the domain owner didn’t want to disclose their identity, and so they purchased privacy protection. This is very creepy … something that I do not expect from an entity that claims to operate their business in a professional and innovative way.

Their about us page fails to give significant information with regards to ownership disclosures. The main point in this page is that Diamond Managed FX is offering safe investment with high returns, transparency and high liquidity from professional traders.

As an asset management company, I find that Diamond Managed FX has done a rather poor job at maintaining the level of transparency that clients expect.

They claim to work with strictly verified traders, and yet those traders profiles are unknown and cannot be authenticated.

With such a shallow-depth of information available on the sales page, I am subjected to a situation where I will have to figure out what kind of traders are involved and whether they are truly expert traders with a verified track record.

Diamond Managed FX Review – trading strategies

Diamond Managed FX re-assures clients that they are utilizing money management techniques with sophisticated strategies.

That is where the statement begins and ends since there is no other explanation regarding how these unknown traders approach the Forex marketplace.

Clients are only told that these traders are utilizing a disciplined trading approach.

Certainly I would have appreciated much more information about what kind of disciplined approach these traders and using.

Perhaps we can find a clue in their ”verified Myfxbook trading performance”. Let’s see if something close to that even exists in this website.

Diamond Managed FX Review – myfxbook trading performance

Luckily, it does exist, and if you are a follower of this blog, you will notice that no trading review are always brought to a conclusion without discussing Myfxbook or FXblue trading performances.

Diamond Managed FX performance is presented in form of a Myfxbook contest account.

This account belongs to a guy called TADOKORO, and there are no disclosures citing whether this guy works for DiamondManagedFX or for himself.

TADOKORO Profile Myfxbook diamond managed fx

His trading strategy dubbed YJSNPI has achieved remarkable gains of +909.

Account has been active since March 2017. This is nothing short of outstanding performance.

But I still have a question mark. I am wondering why he is using a Contest account.

My other doubt stems from the fact that Diamond Managed FX is claiming associations with this Myfxbook account and yet there is no link back to their website from this myfxbook account.

It would seem like this managed Forex account provider is simply pointing to someone else account and claiming ownership.

I would have appreciated more transparency or at least some explanations as to why TADOKORO, the owner of this Myfxbook account, is not acknowledging links with Diamond Managed FX.

Diamond Managed FX Review – Client feedback

There are no client reviews for this managed Forex account provider anywhere on the internet. I find it rather weird that a 5 year old domain has no existing reviews on their services.

DiamondManagedFX Review – the conclusion

My number one recommendation to this managed Forex account provider would be to embrace transparency before pitching a sale.

I want to see a more in-depth explanation of their trading strategies and track record.

I also want to know why there haven’t been any reviews about this service in spite of having existed for 5 years now.

Thanks for reading this Diamond Managed FX review. If you have something to say, comment below.