Dgold Review – Yet Another MLM Scam!


In this Dgold review, I will be looking at a company that proclaims ownership of a unique Cryptocurrency called Dgold.

The website claims that Dgold was created by experts and is supported by over 1,700 co-founders who are based all over the world.

They also claim that this Cryptocurrency is backed by over 200 scientists and researchers from Serbia. Looking at their main source of traffic, I find that dgoldcurrency.com is quite popular in Serbia.

On the official company website, we learn that the operations of this website are overseen by Miroslav Kiš, Nikola Aleksić and Dragan Davidovac who are holding the position of a General Director, Executive Director and Director of Marketing respectively.

The site does not disclose these individual’s backgrounds. The domain of this site dgoldcurrency.com was created in February 2018.

When going through domain registration details, I discovered that Sungazing Organization was listed as the ownership of this web entity.

Sungazing Organization is listed as the ownership of this project but with an incomplete physical address based in Vojvodina, Serbia.

However, the website of DGold claims that Miroslav Kiš is the owner of Sungazing Organization. According to my research, I was able to learn that Sungazing Organization is seemingly a cult which believes in the idea of humanity being able to live on solar energy alone.

This video above explains in the native language what Sungazing is all about. You can watch it if you understand the language.

It appears that all the 3 directors of DGold are based out of Serbia. This is actually the reason as to why Serbia is the main source of traffic for this shady website.

When I looked at the website before writing this Dgold review, I discovered some interesting things which I thought were worth discussing here.

Look at the block of quote below:

DGold is different from the other crypto currencies that are offered on a very rich market today, made by top experts and supported by over 1700 co-founders around the world. Behind it standing many unprofitable freelance, anti-globalization organizations, with over 200 academics, scientists and researchers from Serbia, from whole Balkan, partly of Western Europe, America, Russia, the United Emirates, China, Japan, India and the rest of the world. DGold will be the official pay-roller of a unified multi-investing and marketing system called Easy Cloud. It will be your everyday digital money. With it, you will be able to buy it through our websites, but also others which will accept it in the future.

As always, this website does not disclose any evidence with regards to the proclamations being made in that quote.

Welcome to the Dgold Review

There are no real products to sell here, only a Cryptocurrency called Dgold which the directors of this entity believe will be worth $500 come 2020.

That’s what we call an illusion. With zero evidence to back any of the claims being made by this site, one can’t waste their money investing in a site that lacks transparency.

There are a number of ways through which investors can allegedly make money with this Cryptocurrency.

Besides earning from their 5 level deep referral program, investors are promised revenue through lending and earning 5% weekly profits or up to 150% in the pre-ICO stage, trading of DGold coin in their supposedly integrated Crypto exchange, playing investing games involving the use and acquisition of Dgold coin, clicking paid ads, mining of Dgold and through a system that aims to help investors acquire the coin at a low price and sell at a higher price (Dgold Airdrop).

Dgold Review – why you should be careful

Just don’t throw away your money in such an opportunity without first consulting widely.

If you don’t understand how airdrop or a pump and dump works, I implore you to read further.

Dgold Review – the conclusion

Having said that, it seems like everyone wants to cash in on the ICO frenzy, including a group of wacky fellas from Serbia who believe that life can be attained entirely by staring at the sun. What the F****?

MLM Cryptocurrency madness has taken us to that level. As you can see, the website is full of unsubstantiated marketing gimmicks.

But the real truth is that DGold Coin is a bona fide example of a typical pump and dump.

It is currently selling for a few cents a coin, and the site is claiming that the value will soon increase to $500 per coin.

According to the website, investors have myriads of ways to use Dgold coin, i.e through ”investing games”, ”PTC ads”, ”mining”, ”free games” and so on.

Now, you should understand that like every other scam pump and dump scheme, nobody else outside the ecosystem of Dgold will ever care.

This is how the game is played.

Whoever is wise will sell at current price and probably make money. The rest of the affiliates will make a sure loss. The last bunch will even have nothing to cash out as there will be no reserve to withdraw from.

Meanwhile, Miroslav Kiš and his fake organization will be accepting real dollars in exchange for pre-generated coins that have zero worth. There are 500 millions of those coins.

I will only credit them for being creative enough to say ”we can live off solar energy”.

Otherwise, this is yet another pyramid game and a useless pump and dump. Thanks for reading this Dgold review.