DD Futures Review – An 8-tier Ponzi Scam!


DD Futures domain (ddfutures.com) first appeared online in 2016. It was later updated on February 14th, 2018 suggesting that the domain was purchased and is now owned by someone else.

In this DD Futures scam review, I will highlight certain things which I believe investors should be aware of as far as DD Futures and what they are purporting to offer is concerned.

The DD Futures website does not disclose the owner of the website or the person in charge of its operation.

On Wayback machine, we can confirm that the latest incarnation of the website first appeared on the internet on February 2018.

As of May 2018, the website was claiming that it had stayed online for the last 515 days, which is deceptive.

A red flag like this should remind you that although there are many scams around, good Cryptocurrency investment platforms still exist especially in the Crypto cloud mining industry where we buy hashing power to generate daily return on investment.

A “DDFutures Trading Limited” also appears on the website suggesting that the anonymous owner even went ahead to incorporate a fraudulent website.

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dd futures review

The DD Futures Review

What are their products or services?

There is no product or service here, only affiliate membership which recruits must promote hard to earn some ROI.

Before recruits can gain full membership, they are required to invest either in USD or in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash or Bitcoin cash. There are up to 8 investment plans here with a minimum deposit requirement of $10 all the way to $20,000.

There are 3 levels of recruitment which reward 5%, 2% and 1% respectively.

DDFutures scam Review: The truth

The ridiculous ROIs are allegedly generated through their ”hedge fund investment feature”.

Unfortunately, the site does not provide any evidence suggesting that they are running a professional hedge fund. Also, there isn’t any evidence to suggest that DDFutures is generating revenue from external sources except through member deposits.

Isn’t that what ponzi schemes do? Some hide behind real estate investing while others rob investors using the so-called tokens.

The alleged 22,703% annual ROI which DD Futures claims to have generated is absurd. Why are they hustling internet users money if they can comfortably generate millions of dollars annually?

The reason why DD Futures scam is a ponzi type operation is because they use the newly acquired funds to pay existing members.

This kind of thing will eventually collapse the operation because no genuine business activity is taking place here.

Since DD Futures is accepting Cryptocurrencies, chances are that someone on the back-end is receiving funds and laundering them across multiple Crypto currency wallets.

Based on these observations, I don’t recommend doing business with them.