Review: Is Cryptouniverse Scam or Safe?


Crypto mining is still a favorite theme for most ponzi schemes on the internet. This is because it allows the operators to drip a return and in the process gain referrals before fucking off with a big pot of gold. Am I saying is a scam? Well, could be because nothing is for sure when it comes to websites that promise too good to be true returns.

Welcome to the Cryptouniverse review. What exactly is Cryptouniverse?

It is a dark-themed site that claims to offer Crypto currency cloud mining service on their 7000+ ASIC miners which currently generate 20+ MW.

Cryptouniverse also claims that they are constructing their own data centers at the heart of Siberia where the cost of electricity is as low as $0.054 per kW/h.


Their data centers are allegedly equipped with modern cooling technology which allows for optimal use of resources.

Some of the miners which they claim to operate include ntMiner S9, AntMiner S11, AntMiner S15 and L3+.

Cryptouniverse presents multiple cloud mining plans on their website where contracts run from 30 days to 5 years.

The most basic mining contract attracts a maintenance fee of $0.12 USD for Th/s per day and claims to give 35 TH/s of hashpower. Cryptouniverse sells this contract for $50 only.

For $8.7 per 1 TH/s, you can earn $2.68 per day on a 15 TH/s hash rate plan. A daily maintenance fee of $0.10 USD applies.

The question is whether Cryptouniverse is a scam or a legit investment platform for mining various Crypto currencies.

Having studied the website carefully, I believe there are several questions you should ask yourself before you could ever settle for mining with

To know what you should be asking yourself, read this unbiased Cryptouniverse review where I will talk about the pros and cons of trying to mine Crypto currencies with this site.

At the moment, you should know that mining of Bitcoin is quite challenging as returns are generally minimal and not worth it.

Prices for Bitcoin have consistently plummeted and that can be said about other Crypto currencies as well, not to forget that mining difficult is rising by the day due to the number of people who are mining Bitcoin.

A sure way to make money would be to trade Crypto currencies rather than mining them. Good thing is that there are plenty of trading robots that can help you do so. review

The website Cryptouniverse appears to be mining Bitcoin and Litecoin only as their plans mention these two Crypto currencies.

This is a brand new website and there is not a lot of Cryptouniverse reviews out there.

The site is currently popular in Russia but the owner is completely anonymous.

On their website, they claim that MIOTECH IMPEX LP reg no SL31818 is the company that owns and operates

MIOTECH IMPEX LP is registered anonymously as there is not a single person who is associated with this company or can legally claim responsibility for this company.

This is a red flag because once decides to fuck off with investor funds, there will be nobody to put the blame on.

Referral commission is offered 3 levels deep. This is 8%, 9% and 10% in affiliate commissions respectively. review – return projection

One of the mining contracts called Litecoin 2025 touts a mining plan that costs $44 and generates daily returns of 33.96 USD.

For $44, you get 100 MH/s which is simply too good to be true. If mining of Litecoin was this profitable, people would be doing it and earning easy money because $44 is clearly a low entry barrier.

There are several mining plans that are touted on this website, some of which Cryptouniverse claims to have sold out.

The main thing is that the returns projections are outrageous. Mining of Crypto currencies is no longer profitable these days.

I suspect that the end of this site will be like, a scam site owned by an infamous Russian who made away with investor money after convincing them.


I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t trust a company whose owners are anonymous. Who’s to blame if things go south?

The other problem is that their returns are simply too good to be true. Even though there are a couple of reviews out there claiming that this site truly pays its members, I believe that the site owners have a vested interest and are being compensated in one way or another to promote the platform.

My advice would be to stay away from such a website at all cost. If you want to make money with Crypto currencies, you can do it through trading.