Review – Is Crypto Signals Software Scam? Review – Is Crypto Signals Software Scam?

Welcome to the review. Crypto Signals Software promises to make the job of a Cryptocurrency trader easier by automatically charting 600 coins and identifying 4,800 trends to save time.

The developer of tells us that we will not have to scour social media or news sources to try catching up with what is happening in the Cryptocurrency markets. is working with multiple exchanges like Kcoin, Gemini,, Bitfinex, Poloniex, Bittrex, Gdax, Binance and many more.

This is a pretty long sales page. Surprisingly, there is no about us section. The developer does not say where they are operating from or how to contact them.

However, Crypto Signals Software is managing this Twitter page. So I guess users can contact the owner there, although a Twitter page is never an appropriate communication channel for contacting the admin of a site.

If you want to get started with Cryptocurrency automated trading, I recommend that you click here to find out what we have for you. review

Crypto Signals Trading Software is allegedly going to make you a smarter trader by providing you with more clarity in the markets.

Crypto Signals Software review

The developer also claims that is the ”world’s first and only Cryptocurrency software that is automating all the hard numbers, crunching technical analysis data which Cryptocurrency experts use on a daily basis.” This is an exaggerated statement.

The other promise that the owner of Crypto Signals Software is giving is that this software puts all the tools you need into one simple to use trading app that removes guesswork and provides winning trading opportunities before everyone else can identify them including yourself.

There are a bunch of other promises too, which I won’t list here. But they are all related to how this software will make technical analysis much easier for you.

I am suspicious about this software and I can’t recommend it. If you want a pretty decent Cryptocurrency trading bot, find them here.


There are no average returns promised by the developer.

However, they tell us that they are buying 600 terabytes of Cryptocurrency market data from various exchanges every month.

This is allegedly costing them $60,000 each month. They feed this data into the algorithm of Crypto Signals Software and the servers automatically calculate technical analysis for you.

The system is allegedly going to calculate millions of variables to find profitable trading opportunities. So you don’t have to study the charts yourself.

In addition to this, Crypto Signals Software is also equipped with an in-built seasonality calendar because seasons play a role in any form of trading, whether in Forex, Stocks or ETFs.

To reassure us, the developer says that this software works because it is a combination of top of the industry trading expertise inside the algorithm.

In one instance, they mentioned that their experts have 15 years of experience. But in another, they claim that 30 years of expertise went into the building of this algorithm.

There is some element of inconsistency here, plus I cannot independently verify these claims.

The developer of goes ahead to rubbish the use of bots, claiming that they all lose money plus they are prone to hacking.

But you see, this is a blanket judgement as there are very good Crypto trading bots that have consistently made money for us and to all users.

So I do not know what this developer is talking about when he says all Crypto trading bots lose money.

Secondly, all software are prone to hacking. Therefore, you cannot say that Crypto Signals software is hack-proof.

Crypto Signals Software Review – is it a scam?

There are many promises in this landing page, and none of them can be verified.

I am particularly interested in the ”past results” section of the site where the developer claims the software made 224% returns in 21 days for one of their traders.

Crypto Signals Software results

This data cannot be verified. Apart from the trader and the developer being anonymous, the ”past results” data is highly suspicious as the profits look too good to be true.

This is the same hype that is found with services like Cryptotradesmith, Postero, the Calloway Software, Bitrobo, and many more. Review – the conclusion

There is something mysterious about the owner. Also, the standards which they are setting for this software cannot be realistically achieved and maintained.

There is no evidence that this developer is investing $60,000 every month on market data. Too good to be true.

Furthermore, lack of transparency is quite disturbing. There is no mention of price, but the developer still needs us to sign up.

The bottom line – this is a scam. Stay away from such software.

If you want to trade Cryptocurrencies, these bots are doing a decent job and you should consider using them.

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