CryptoRobo Review: Is Scam

CryptoRobo Review: Is Scam

This review of Crypto Robo proves that the program cannot be trusted whatsoever. CryptoRobo is presented by someone called Walter Zubringer, and it will never make you any money.

Just like Bitconnect, Velox10, and Spectrocoin which have proven to be scams, this website has officially joined the crowd.

The website alleges that CryptoRobo is the very first licensed software to trade Cryptos on the internet. That’s ridiculousness of the highest order.

It is also alleged that the domain,, has been recognized among the top 25 best websites in 2017. In addition to that, they proclaim that CryptoRobo got featured on Forbes financial guide and that another site called Top Adviser featured this project among their top 5 investment alternatives in 2017.

Of course I cannot verify these claims. Just a couple of badges here and there cannot help with the verification process since those badges cannot be clicked. They lead to nowhere, which makes me doubt these claims.

CryptoRobo fake awards

And the best of their claims is that CryptoRobo is helping people all over the world increase their Bitcoin anonymously and without any skill. Basically, anyone can get started with this software if they want to become rich for free.

The CryptoRobo is alleged to be an extremely accurate robot for trading cryptos. According to the website, traders can achieve 93% win rate on a consistent basis, and this will enable them earn thousands of dollars each day.

The word ”free” makes it highly suspicious. Can you make wealth for free or without working for it? Is there anything like get rich overnight, the way this website wants you to believe?

I will be analyzing these claims logically and rationally in this review. Stay put.

CryptoRobo Review

The truth that we must all learn from this presentation is that CryptoRobo is a scam that is riding on the wave of crypto-currencies. Crypto trading is now very popular. This explains why scammers are jumping aboard to cheat users with fake robots that only yield losses instead of profits.

The reason why CryptoRobo website is over-promising is because it is a scam. If it was a legitimate project, they would have made claims that are reasonably possible to achieve. I would not be discussing 93% win rate or thousands of dollars each day because these things only happen in your dream. They are far from being real.

But CryptoRobo website is lying that this robot was created by a team of financial experts who designed it to buy low and sell high for profits regardless of the conditions of the crypto-currency market.

The phrase ”financial experts” was just mentioned in the passing. The website does not introduce the people behind this project at all. They are anonymous, which again raises the question of whether this website is legitimate.

When you say that you have a team of financial experts who are working round the clock to deliver cutting-edge trading solutions, you should be prepared to introduce them one by one. In the virtual world that the internet has now created, people only buy products when presentation is professional and honest.

On the other hand, people will shun your products when you over-promise and fail to give proof that backs your claims. In the case of CryptoRobo software, we can only say that it is a big scam like any other in this niche.

Why you should use CryptoRobo according to the website

There is a lot of beating around the bush here. These folks don’t go straight to the point, and I see that the intention is to fill up pages with nonsensical claims.

CryptoRobo lies

On the CryptoRobo website, they claim that this team started working together for 4 months to create the robot. They involved trading and financial experts on the job. But it’s quite obvious that these ”traders and financial experts” were neither introduced by name nor photos.

Besides, this website claims that everyone should now use CryptoRobo because it is the only robot that is licensed to change the financial status of everyone. They have allegedly helped people achieve financial freedom since 2011.

So, why is it that CryptoRobo has not been available to the public in the last 5 years?

Well, according to the site, they claim that they have been working exclusively with millionaires and that 2017 is the first time that they have released this robot to the public.

But why would you release a money-making machine to the public for free? Is it that these millionaires don’t care anymore? Why should they give you their secret to making thousands of dollars for free? To me, this beats logic, and has never happened anywhere in the world before.

Walter Zubringer is a scammer

There is no one like Zubringer in this charlatan financial game. You can spend the whole day looking for him on the internet and you will never find anyone with that name who is related to CryptoRobo.

This makes me conclude that Zubringer is a fictitious character. He is a character that was created by scammers to bring convenience to this presentation.

Even if you searched for him among successful traders who trade cryptos, you will never find him. That’s concrete evidence that he doesn’t trade for a living. His money is made through promoting scam products instead.

And by the way, this guy has been selling stock videos too. If you’re interested, just PM him and he will tailor a presentation video for you at a small cost.

Now, you can imagine what the owner of CryptoRobo did. They simply hired this guy and asked him to do a short promotion video. And guess what, that video is entirely promotional. It doesn’t have facts, and neither does it have proof of profit.

The lie that CryptoRobo is licensed

I’d love to see that license with my own eyes to believe it. This website states that the robot which they are promoting is the number one licensed cryptos trading program on the internet. The problem with this claim is that it cannot be verified.

When I investigated this claim, I found nothing. Thankfully, this website just published a British and a German address. That means I had one final chance of proving that this website is a scam.

You see, I had to check up their details on both the British FCA register and the German BaFin register since these two are the main financial regulators in that country.

If CryptoRobo was registered for real, it could have appeared in both registers. But as you can see, there is no trace of this project anywhere in those registers, which leaves a very big question mark.

Wrapping it up

As I conclude this, I’d love to say that this website cannot prove that their robot was recognized by the Forbes Financial Guide at any given point in time. So this claim is also a lie.

Forbes Financial Guide has never awarded this program, let alone mentioning it on their website. This means that all the reviews and awards which you’re seeing in this website are fake.

In my expedition to find out the truth, I scouted for real user reviews. Yes, I found a couple of them, and they were real. But most of them were fake too in the sense that someone working with this website lied that this robot was making money for them. In some cases, they were even leaving behind affiliate links. Other real reviews were negative. My advice — avoid them.

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