Review: www. Scam!


If you arrived on the website above i.e and are wondering whether it’s a legit Crypto asset management platform, you should know that the site is a big fat scam.

It is as simple as that. Before I wrote this Review, I looked at their operations and concluded that anyone with some sense must see that this is not real.

For example, the supposed Crypto asset management platform is claiming to generate 400% returns in 30 days. There is not a single investment operation that can earn you this much anywhere in the world. Even the best Crypto asset management platforms don’t announce such absurd returns. When you purchase an investment plan here, they’ll tell you what’s real, not things that happen in your dreams like in the case of scam. review

With some logic, you will see that is designed to scam the gullible investor because it takes advantage of people’s greed for money. The website insults your intelligence and tends to push victims away from reason. review

If you need to invest in a Crypto asset management platform, you can do safely on sites that don’t promise too good to be true returns. 25% and below returns in 30 days is fine and even realistic. But 400% in 30 days is not real no matter the kind of business you engage in. If you have 0.1 BTC and above, go ahead and invest as it is totally safe provided you stick to my advice.

Meanwhile, the aim of this Review is to protect you by giving you the right information. I expect each one of you to be responsible of protecting their hard earned money and only investing in the right places. And even if you find the right place, don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

At the end of the day, you’ll see that whoever is running this site is really smart. Unless you understand the fact that there is nowhere in the world that a Crypto asset management platform offers such an amount, you will lose money.

Why www. can’t be trusted?

There are lots of reasons why myself and any other intelligent investor won’t put his money here. I will go ahead and list them down so that next time you come across a supposed Crypto asset management website showing those signs, you will immediately avoid it like the plague. owner has created fake positive reviews online

When you type the phrase reviews on Google, the first site you’ll most likely bump into is a forum called TrustPilot. reviews trustpilot

This forum contains a lot of fake positive reviews which promote the scam. There is not one review from any user who has confessed that this site is not legit.

You might be asking how I came to this conclusion that the reviews are fake Well, it’s so simple. I suspect that the moderators who run Trustpilot are a bunch of hungry guys who accept kickbacks to let marketers promote scams on their platform. That forum has a bad reputation of people promoting scams on their platform and my logic is that if someone is promoting an obvious scam on your platform and you end up accommodating those reviews, then chances are that you are either a scammer or have been bribed. There is no other way.

Story of anonymous Crypto traders

If you read the website of, you will learn that the guys are claiming to be a group of anonymous Crypto traders who are operating a pump and dump scheme to supposedly make out of the world profits for their investors.

The problem is that their story sounds so real that majority of the inexperienced Cryptocurrency investors will conclude that this is the real deal.

If you fall into this category of people, I’d like to help you. If there is a team of traders behind the curtains, they should not feel scared of introducing themselves. They shouldn’t be a bunch of faceless individuals.

While the method of trading on Cryptocurrency exchanges is real (learn how it is done here), the people behind are not trading any kind of coin as claimed on their website. You can invest in my Forex and Crypto trading course here because I teach all of those lessons to my students.

Secondly, we’ve been trading for some time now and at no point have I seen a trader making such abnormal returns from pumping and dumping coins.

But to convince naive Crypto investors, the site claims that they are artificially pushing the price of a coin so that when a trend is strong enough, they can spark a wide sell off. Again this is a method that is commonly used in Crypto trading but you have to understand that there is no evidence supporting the claim that the operators of are pumpers and dumpers.

They don’t want anything to do with you

Do you really know that does not want anything to do with you? Look, there is no chat and definitely no platform for login so we can actually have an account where we can monitor our trading balance. Once you purchase one of their Crypto investment plans, that will be the end of your relationship with this site.

But I also suspect that it is a ponzi scheme, which is why they are accepting as little as 0.005 BTC. A real trading operation does not accept such small deposits. You go round the internet and see what I mean. No serious Crypto asset management platform will accept small deposits of 0.005 BTC.

The reason this scam wants you to deposit this amount is because they want to gain your trust by returning a small ”profit” after the investment duration which is 3 days. Once that happens, you’ll automatically think that if you can invest more, you can earn more quickly. But if you actually upgrade to a higher plan with a higher deposit, you will lose this money.


There are a lot of things I haven’t told you about the scam because I believe the above points are enough to open your eyes. If you want to invest, it is better to find a reliable Crypto asset management service because the one I just reviewed is clearly a fraud.