Review: is Crypto Hopper a Scam?


Welcome to the review. CryptoHopper is a platform that offers access to a trading bot which is based on technical indicator algorithm and signals from their expert traders.

The bot is owned and operated by Cryptohopper BV, and is one of the most popular Crypto currency trading bots on the internet, thanks to dozens of CryptoHopper reviews and user feedback which appear on many blogs and social forums like Reddit.

If you are looking to automate your trading for coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash etc, it is imperative that you read this Crypto Hopper review because this is a popular bot and there can be mixed opinions in how people express their thoughts regarding the bot.

There are a number of features associated with CryptoHopper which have been listed on their site. I’m going to mention them in this CryptoHopper review later on.

But if you need alternatives, please take a look at these bots.

Crypto Hopper review

The main thing that Cryptocurrency trading enthusiasts want to know is whether or not this bot can make them money consistently.

The truth is that CryptoHopper offers a facility for programming your own trading strategies.

Cryptohopper review

If you don’t know which strategies work with which markets and at what time of the day or night, I guarantee you in this CryptoHopper review that whether or not you use this bot, you will still lose money.

There is a feature which Crypto Hopper calls ”strategy designer”. This feature basically lets traders build their strategies using 130+ trading indicators and candlestick patterns.

Once the strategy is ready, they can upload them onto the hopper and the bot will trigger will fire the strategy when time is right.

There is also the option to paper-trade while experimenting with CryptoHopper. Basically, this feature lets you test the functionalities of the platform for free and if you have found a working strategy, you can upgrade to a paid plan.

Mirror trading is for traders who have no experience with the financial markets.

Crypto Hopper intends to let these traders subscribe to signals from the platform’s external analysts who have been carefully vetted by the platform.

This service guarantees real time updates on settings which will be sent to your personal CryptoHopper bot where necessary.

In addition to this, less experienced traders can download templates and trading strategies to get started.

And of course Crypto Hopper is equipped with functions like Trailing Stops to enable traders lock in profits as they ride up or down a trend.

CryptoHopper review – other features that might be of interest

This bot appears to be endowed with lots of exciting features compared to the usual Crypto trading bots that you and me may have come across.

Inside your trading platform, you will have access to over 30 signals groups which you can then connect with for purposes of copying their signals.

Crypto Hopper automates the whole process so you don’t have to copy signals manually.

The site also boasts of offering access to personal and global stats although some traders have reported in other CryptoHopper reviews that these numbers should not be trusted.

They also claim that this is an active community of traders and that traders will always find the company’s staff very responsive and helpful.

This is also a matter of controversy in some Crypto Hopper reviews which I have come across.

A trader claimed that this bot was suffering from bugs and when he contacted support, the problem was just not getting fixed.

Immediately one of their support staff responded to that Crypto Hopper review citing that they did not have specifics to the nature of the problem that this user was experiencing and that they would be glad if that user opened another support ticket.

Working with a variety of exchanges

Crypto Hopper is now working with various exchanges which include Huobi, Binance, Poloniex, Bittrex, CoinBase, Kraken, Bitfinex, KuCoin, Cryptopia among others.

Initially, there were complains in one of the CryptoHopper reviews which I came across pointing out that this bot was only compatible with exchanges that did not support Bitcoin.

I somehow don’t believe this trader for saying so but if they were genuine, then this appears to have been sorted through the addition of multiple Crypto currency exchanges.

CryptoHopper review: Subscription plans

There are 4 subscription plans with the first plan letting users test the bot free of charge for 7 days.

Cryptohopper plans

The other 3 plans cost $19, $49 and $99 per month. The difference between one plan to another is that the number of positions that can be opened varies from 80 to 500.

Maximum triggers that a robot can be programmed with also varies from 2 to 10.

Technical analysis is also restricted based on which plan a trader is on.

Finally, the ultimate plan which costs $99 per month allows traders to trade all coins using arbitrage trading strategy.

Customer reviews

You can be sure that there are lots of CryptoHopper reviews out there talking about this and that, but one thing is clear. This site seems to be offering something of value.

CryptoHopper does not necessarily come across as a malicious bot and many reviews have not said that they are a scam.

However, there seems to be a lot of user feedback which is attracted by the fact that CryptoHopper is a popular trading bot.

The site claims to have over 96,000 subscribers, which might be true given that the site’s Alexa ranking is 85,000 globally.


CryptoHopper does not appear to be a bad trading bot in general, and if you can choose your trading indicators wisely, you will end up with a strategy that can be beneficial in the long run.

I would encourage you to test the bot on the free plan. If it’s good, stick to it.

For those who have used CryptoHopper for some time, we advice that you share your experience with the rest of our readers.