Cryptogold Review – Kryptogold Mining and Related Scams?

Cryptogold Review – Kryptogold Mining and Related Scams? (English domain), (German domain), and any of the associated web domains are nothing but hyip scams.

There is nothing like this site mining Cryptocurrency of your choice in the cloud. It is just a fairy tale that such a dubious websites is mining Bitcoins. Seriously?

In this Crypto Gold review (Kryptogold if you like), we will focus on one of the most active and notorious domains,

A check reveals that the domain was created on April 2011. It was updated 7 years later on April 2018, thus suggesting that domain ownership had changed hands.

It was changing from the previous anonymous owner to the new owner(s), Mr Lal. Mr. Lal is working with another guy called JT Foxx.

Both seem to have a share on the CryptoGold/Kryptogold venture. This Facebook page suggests that Mao lives in Berlin, German.

On a Facebook post dated June 18th 2018, JT Foxx shared an update with the official Crypto Gold Facebook fan page where he claimed that the two had scooped the award of ”2018 most creative people in business”.

This award was allegedly featured on the Fast Company Magazine Africa. Deep investigations reveal that neither Mr. Lal nor his partner, Foxx, had ever won such an award.

On the company’s Facebook page, there is a 1 star rating by someone who appears to have been frustrated by the actions of Crypto Gold mining.

JT Foxx appears to be a chatterbox and probably the front-man of this business. He aggressively throws shades at every critic.

He links out to every hashtag related to their ”success” in the Cryptocurrency industry. Some of those hashtags include #MegaSpeaker, #CryptoKings, #CryptoBilionaires and #Bitson.

On his Facebook page, Mr. Foxx claims that he is successful. He paints the image of an extremely successful Cryptocurrency investor.

He even asks why the enlightened masses are betting against him, hating him or under-estimating him?

But the truth is, we do not hate you Mr. Foxx. But you are a scammer. You cannot prove even for a minute that CryptoGold/Kryptogold is a genuine business.

Welcome to the Crypto Gold review. If you want to learn more, here’s a brief but complete analysis of everything you’d love to know.

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cryptogold review

CryptoGold Review has a decent global popularity. Alexa estimates that the site is receiving most of its visitors from Germany. This confirms that Mr. Lal, one of the shareholders is actually residing in Germany.

Crypto Gold’s logo is christened more than mining. The website proceeds to invite visitors to ”start mining now”.

CryptoGold is supposed to provide access to the future market of Cryptocurrencies.

The website ”guarantees” real processing power and lifetime mining contracts.

Mining of Cryptocurrency at Crypto Gold is supposed to be as simple as ordering your preferred Cryptocurrency so that mining can start right away.

There are a couple of investment plans on the site which correspond to the Cryptocurrency which an investor wants to mine.

Bitcoin attracts a minimum investment of $3,500. Ethereum attracts a minimum investment of $500. Litecoin requires $100 and so on. The least that you can spend on the site is $50 worth 50 Crypto Gold Coins.

Oh yes, this website has an altcoin called CGC or Crypto Gold Coin.  If $50 is equivalent to 50 CGC, then it means 1 CGC is equal to $1.

How exactly is the value of this coin determined? CryptoGoldCoin owners are the people who set the value of this coin. It is backed by absolutely nothing. Generating that digital currency costs Mr. Lal and his partner, Mr. Foxx nothing.

They can generate as many coins as possible. They can sell them for whatever price. Surprisingly, Mr. Lal and Mr. Foxx are not accepting CGC as a form of payment on their site. This is because this digital currency is a fake token whose value will always be equivalent to zero dollars.

They’d like to pump it and dump it later on. In the dumping phase, they are basically selling the worthless coins for real money. The coin holder losses. But the pockets of the proprietors get aligned.

Crypto Gold Mining – does this site mine Cryptocurrencies?

Does Kryptogold mine Cryptocurrencies? The answer is no, it does not. There are no mining rigs, and as you can see it, the website does not talk about any mining rigs or locations.

There are no lifetime contracts today. Most legit Cryptocurrency mining platforms will mine for a specific duration, usually one year before the contract ends.

Although Crypto Gold mining does not promise any ROIs, they do not give proof that ROIs are paid out from mining.

Like Quickmining and the rest of the sites I have reviewed here, talking and proving the existence of data centers is treated like taboo.

Crypto Gold mining review – the conclusion

I’m not big on Crypto mining. I prefer trading instead. This company trades on behalf of retail and institutional investors using a selection of proprietary methods. Read that review to see if that is something you’d like to be involved with.

If you’d like to learn how to trade on your own, invest in this Forex and Cryptocurrency masterclass. 

And of course I won’t stop recommending these brokers for the good things they do to their customers.

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