CryptoForce Review: Scam or Legit Earning Opportunity?


CryptoForce claims to be the leader of PoS mining. CryptoForce owns a coin known as Crypton, and they want us to know that this coin is created on the blockchain technology and supported with advanced method of transaction execution which is known as Proof of Stake.

As a Crypton holder, the company claims that we can earn through PoS mining. It is allegedly cheaper and more efficient to mine Cryptocurrencies using this concept compared to the traditional Crypto currency mining practices.

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There is zero information about the owners or team behind CryptoForce but according to some remarks which appeared on Reddit, a Russian named Marek Zmysłowski appears to be the CEO of the company. The YouTube video link which they left behind does not link this guy to CryptoForce whatsoever. So this is definitely considered unverified claim.

cryptoforce review

CryptoForce is allegedly generating up to 40% monthly returns for their investors and also giving them a chance to participate in MLM marketing where they purely earn from new recruits.

This adds an element of ponzi scheme in the equation and if you are concerned on whether or not CryptoForce is a scam, you need to read this review carefully to find out the truth.

CryptoForce Review

The coin which they are claiming to have created (Crypton) is a blockchain technology product, and this ensures an added level of security to protect against hacks or loss of information due to one reason or the other.

Proof-Of-Stake system is a concept that the site will use to solve new blocks which the Cryptocurrency will run on. The PoS technology which is being used here is allegedly presenting the company with a chance of running a successful mining operation without requiring mining hardware.