Cryptocurrency Managed Accounts for all Investors


Cryptocurrency managed accounts have made it convenient for traders and investors of all levels to take advantage of the trading opportunities that are available within the Cryptocurrency market. This Crypto trading website came up with a revolutionary idea where they provides managed accounts without an upfront deposit or fee. They simply require you to have a funded offline wallet such as Electrum where coins will be sent to. They require you to sign up a legally binding contract which will ensure that you will honor their invoice once profits are sent to your wallet every week. They charge 30% of your profits and you retain 70%. The coins remain in your wallet but the trading is done via a simulated Cryptocurrency managed account.

cryptocurrency managed accounts

I must say that it is still difficult to buy Cryptocurrencies compared to buying regular equities. Ironically, more people are developing interest on Cryptocurrencies which makes it even more apparent that there is need for straightforward tools which are designed to manage Cryptocurrency portfolio of investors of all levels.

If you have been investing in Forex managed accounts, perhaps it’s time that you diversify your investment portfolio to see how much you can make within a span of 6 months.

Cryptocurrency managed accounts

This is the challenge with traditional investing in Crypto currencies:

As a Cryptocurrency managed accounts holder, you have to find a wallet that accepts the type of coin which you want to trade, then find a Crypto exchange (most of them are scams by the way) that has the coin you want to trade before completing a tedious verification process.

And if you wish to diversify your Cryptocurrency portfolio, that will mean signing up with multiple exchanges and spreading your coins across different wallets. This is not practical especially if you are familiar with other forms of making money online as a trader.

Whereas it is achievable, the process is complex and time-consuming for would be investors. It presents a serious barrier for those who want to make money through Cryptocurrencies. That’s where Cryptocurrency managed accounts come in. Many companies have introduced this service to fill the gap and to provide improved portfolio management service.

One specific company that offers Cryptocurrency managed accounts is Topedgefx. They have shown strong results — reporting a 39% in 2 months after launching a Crypto specific fund.

Because the popularity of this asset class is soaring (research suggesting the number of companies offering Cryptocurrency managed accounts could double in 2019), there is definitely opportunities out there as long as you are willing to venture into this asset class.

If you are willing to invest, this company is the most reliable for your needs in Cryptocurrency managed accounts.