Cryptoblizz Review: Scam Bitcoin Trading Bot or Legit?


Cryptoblizz is a PHP-based platform for creating a Cryptocurrency trading bot (in this case known as Cryptoblizz bot). The bot can be downloaded (click download link) and hosted on your PC or on an online web hosting platform. Getting started with this automated Cryptocurrency trading bot is allegedly fast and easy since everything is well documented.

Among the things you can do with this bot include connecting it to major exchanges like Poloniex, Kraken, Bittrex and Binance, configuring your own trading strategies, back-testing them and trading 24/7.

You can even ignore the pre-programmed algorithms and strategies by the developer in order to create your own. Cryptoblizz is dynamic and things you can do with this Crypto trading bot are unlimited.

For a one-time payment of $185, you can get a license which will come with the following features:

– Ability to create an unlimited number of Crypto trading bots within the platform

– Smart triggers, back-testing and simulation

– Ability to code your own Crypto trading algorithm

– Proper documentation

– One license for all supported Crypto currency exchanges

– Telegram and email alerts

Having said that, the question is this: should you spend money on this Crypto bot or is it just a scam meant to rip you off?

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Cryptoblizz Review

Crypto Blizz first came into existence in late 2017. It has continued to sell a number of copies on the internet, and this means that there is something unique that this platform is offering. Otherwise, they would be out of business by now because the duration of Crypto currency scams is usually short in nature. is owned and operated by Emvee Solutions, and they are giving the ordinary Crypto enthusiast the freedom to play around with different strategies in order to find one that works.

Crypto Blizz is considered one of the pioneers for delivering automated Cryptocurrency engineering platforms that make day trading Crypto currencies easier.

Crypto Blizz was formed to act as a trading name for the mother company Emvee Solutions which is registered in the Netherlands.

Their company number is 58386130. This platform specifically wants to appeal to day traders who want to test their limits while exploring the different customization concepts of developing a trading bot that works flawlessly.

If you wish to create, manipulate and customize a Crypto trading bot as opposed to using a ready-made solution (which can’t be changed or manipulated), CryptoBlizz trading bot is your best bet.

Crypto Blizz features

The platform has a wide range of intuitive features for the curious Crypto trader. If you enroll with this platform, you will have access to a wide selection of features which can help you optimize your ideal Crypto trading bot.

These include smart triggers, which are basically alerts and trading conditions created when the market performs in a certain way. Cryptoblizz Cryptocurrency trading bot

Crypto Blizz gives automated trading capabilities to buyers as well in addition to letting them access a wide range of configurable trading approaches. This one time payment also lets you create as many Crypto trading bots as possible. There is no restriction on how many bots one can create on the CryptoBlizz platform.

Once you have found the right combination of strategies, Crypto Blizz even lets you backtest and simulate those strategies before they can be transitioned into live trading scenarios.

So if you are not sure about what you have created and whether it can work, this is the best feature to take advantage of.

In addition to doing all these things on the platform, CryptoBlizz trading bot platform also lets you code your own bot if you have programming knowledge, although this is not necessary because the platform was meant for traders of all levels.

Because this platform can link to a number of Crypto currency exchanges through an API, it means that traders can have a wide range of Cryptocurrency assets to trade. has also said that they are planning to incorporate more Cryptocurrency exchanges into the platform. On the other hand, if they remove one of the exchanges that are currently incorporated into the platform, they will let you know in advance so that it doesn’t come as a surprise.

CryptoBlizz trading bots backtesting and simulation

Because it is not recommended to enter a live market without first putting your strategy to test, this platform has given traders the chance to upload and even backtest their strategies using the Algorithm tab within the dashboard of the CryptoBlizz.

However, if you are the kind of trader who does not wish to fiddle around with the platform, you can simply sign up and pick one of the CryptoBlizz pre-made algorithms. Here, you can also select a variety of parameters for trading with this bot.

Some of the algorithms offered by the CryptoBlizz trading platform include Midpoint ScalperUptrend Scalper and Downtrend Scalper.

cryptoblizz automated bot

The above image gives you a hint on how to set up the automated trader and start making money right away.

According to this image, traders can choose which specific Crypto Currencies they want to invest in and how much they want to risk as well.

In addition to this, users can select the frequency with which they wish the bot to operate their trading cycles, among other parameters.

In case you create a bot and would like to revise it, you have to click on a feature known as ”Go to Trader Details”.

This will give you all the options to make revisions from. That is just how flexible things can get with CryptoBlizz. Highly recommended.

CryptoBlizz Review – is it a trusted automated bot?

We have reviewed a number of Crypto currency trading bots here which include Bitcoin Robot 24, Bitcoin Malay System, Auto Bot Cloud, Algorobotics among others. These bots are obviously losing money and from their promotion material, even the less experienced traders can see that these bots are nothing but pure scams.

However, with CryptoBlizz auto trading bot, we see some in-depth level of transparency as well as the integration with popular and most reliable exchanges on the web.

Also, most traders love the fact that this platform gives them the much needed freedom to customize their trading strategies. So yes, CryptoBlizz can be fully trusted.


All I can say is that this is a revolutionary trading platform (sign up here) and app and a game changer as well. The company is definitely delivering accountable and promising solution as far as automated Cryptocurrency trading bots are concerned. For that reason, it gets a spot in our list of most recommended automated Crypto currency trading bots.