Crypto Coin Rankings Review: Scam or Trustworthy Bot and Signals?

In their promotion materials, is touting access to an expert wall, a Crypto currency trading bot, ”winning systems and signals” for just $49 per month. Crypto Coin Rankings is also inviting members into an alleged ”Private Crypto Traders Club” in which access is supposed to be on ”invitation only” basis. When I was writing this Crypto Coin Rankings review, I was led to a page that had a countdown timer and was informed that if i didn’t take action immediately, I could forfeit my chance of joining the ”Private Crypto Traders Club”.

On the invitation page, there was a drop down list containing people who allegedly invited me prior to my knowledge.

Keep in mind that they do not know me, and so there is no way they can possibly have invited me.

Note: I like to diversify my portfolio, and some of it is in mining of Bitcoin with these companies. I dedicate another small portion to trading. You can join me here for coaching if you want to.

Aside from that, these characters(the ones that invited me) were named Novice Crypto Trader, Alberto Signals, Crypto Signals for small budgets, Zcodesystem, Zcode espanol and Crypto Coin Rankings.

To me, these names sound like other Cryptocurrency signals services which are affiliated with Crypto Coin Rankings, and it’s just a trick to integrate me into the membership structure because immediately after that, the page invites me to give them my email address.

cryptocoinrankings elite traders club invitation

I do not fall for stupid marketing tricks, so definitely I refused because I was not about to trust what Crypto Coin Rankings was offering anyway.

Crypto Coin Rankings Review

What exactly is Crypto Coin Rankings? Crypto Coin Rankings is a collection of tools that any Cryptocurrency investor is supposed to utilize for purposes of trading and making money.

The site allegedly gives you the most up-to-date list of the top 100 Cryptocurrencies according to their dominance, market cap and volume.

cryptocoinrankings scam

Crypto Coin Rankings is also letting subscribers to create their own signal generating tool that can be used with various trading indicators. Users can backtest performance based on previous historical data.

This is what I usually call a generic trading robot that scammers can use to create multiple copies of the same bot. They sell them under different names afterwards. Here’s a good example.

Signals are also being provided through Telegram. The channel in question is called CryptoCoinRankings private signals.

Crypto Coin Rankings asserts that it is the ”only insider channel that you will ever need to navigate the world of Crypto.”

The site believes that by giving you access to their private channel where you can utilize technical and fundamental analysis services alongside insider information, you can avoid scams like bad ICOs, pump and dump (learn what it is in this post) as well as ”premium signals that don’t work”.

Profits that members can get range from 30% all the way to 50%. However, CryptoCoinRankings mentions that some of their signals reached 317% and 414% last month.

This has not been proved with trading statements for the previous month where the alleged signals performed as stated.

Other alleged benefits that Crypto Coin Rankings is offering include:

  • Reports on the top coins to invest in in 2018.
  • ”Most promising ICOs” you can join before the rest of the world jumps in.
  • Short and long term signals for Bitcoin and other altcoins via telegram.
  • Insider news for ”free”

Is Crypto Coin Rankings safe?

Let me say that most of the statements made by this website are not factual or at least have not been supported by proof.

For example, where they said that their signals generated a ROI of 414% last month, I had to wonder why that statement couldn’t be accompanied by any proof.

Secondly, there is an element of hype in their marketing where the person in charge is simply pushing you to invest in their services without thinking twice.

Good Cryptocurrency investment platforms speak for themselves, and we do not need to work really hard to prove that point. If you are into mining Cryptocurrencies, I bet that you will find these companies the best in class and most reliable too. 

If trading or learning how to get started is what matters to you, here is a solution for you.

In that course, you will learn with me how I trade and invest in Forex and Cryptocurrencies. I will also tell you about the ICOs that I have insights about.

Oh, and my trading signals can be found on this page as well. You can follow me as I place my trades in the market. We make money together, right?

But I definitely can’t ask you to sign up for Crypto Coin Rankings because I feel it’s unsafe and not very transparent in terms of performance.


I wish CryptoCoinRankings was more transparent and walking the talk because they claim they are the real insiders when they can’t prove it.

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