Crypterium Review: Is Legit Or Scam? Don’t Buy ICO Yet


Crypterium has been banning investors on their Telegram chat room for simply inquiring whether they are scam. They’ve ruined their reputation by actually stealing and playing rude. Massive complaints about them have surfaced on the internet. I have also received many complaints in my inbox about them. I have summoned them to comment on these matters. They have never responded.

Crypterium ICO! Should you bother to invest your money in Crypterium’s Initial Coin Offering? And is the idea behind it even valid and sustainable in the long run?

Well, I did my research on the website because it has been attracting visitors from all over the globe who are seemingly hell-bent with the idea that they will make money if they buy tokens from Crypterium or any other altcoin bank on the internet.

Usually when I come across these kinds of sites on Reddit and in other places around the web, I always run a thorough background check to learn about the owner and also get a clue of the estimated number of visitors that come to that website each month.

I ran the domain into my beloved website snooping tools and discovered that the domain belonged to someone called Gleb Markov. He sounds like a Russian guy.

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I hear that is also a very popular site and exchange platform. If you’ve heard about it and wanted to take your coins there, think twice or change your mind altogether.

As for this guy called Gleb Markov, I was going to run a background check on him, which I did anyway. I found his LinkedIn profile where he claimed to be a financial and information technology expert. He probably has links with PayQR International Ltd (a Russian company) because this information appears on his profile as well.

I did not come across anything significant that could raise an alarm about his internet activities thus far.

When I checked out the domain on Alexa, I realized that this site was very popular. A global rank of 50,000 suggests that the site is indeed visited by a lot of visitors. This is due to the fact that Cypterium has a bunch of stuff who understand marketing like nobody else. They ensure that the presence of Crypterium can be felt everywhere on the internet. And when the masses are locked, it means more business for them.

This has contributed to a big spike in traffic as seen on their Alexa profile. The line graph is climbing higher. It also looks like visitors who come to Cypterium are basically people who are looking for some sort of crypto currency investments projects to make money out of. They immediately visit sites like Coin Market Cap, Coin Traffic, etc.

It’s for this reason that I am here to write a review of this company and help you make an informed decision thereafter.

Cypterium Review

What is Crypterium all about, and should you buy their ICO?

They are the JP Morgan of Crypto Banks”, says the homepage of the site in bold white letters.

Crypterium positions itself as the ultimate go-to place in the crypto trading and investments industry. When you get signed up with this company, you’re supposed to gain access to digital medium through which fiat currency can be converted to crypto currency and vice versa easily and conveniently.

This process is supposed to be as smooth as possible. You can make payments across 42 million stores in Cryptos — of course these stores must be accepting Bitcoin or any other crypto currency as means of payment. believes that Crypterium is the next big thing, which raises the question of long-term sustainability of this project in relation to people who will buy their tokens hoping to cash in on the bubble.

Yes, I just used the word bubble because I strongly believe that this is a bubble that will soon burst and cause losses to the very same people who are now rushing to buy Crypterium token. It might happen today, next year, the year after. No one knows exactly when.

This site basically assumes the role of a digital bank which deals in crypto currency. It has been launching ICOs for members of the public to invest in their idea.

I hear that the minimum token that can be bought is 75 CRPT. This is the name of the altcoin which they are promoting.

The idea sounds very appealing because the site mentions a number of factors which they think will help drive the success of this company.

Members are promised an economic environment that is free from physical cards, limits, and commissions. Alas, members can even use their token to buy gas and get incentives in CRPT. There is even a loan facility which Crypterium is offering investors who would wish to borrow from them.

crypterium ICO loan and Review

This raises the question of whether or not this company is authorized to go this far. In the normal state of things, this would mean some sort of conformity to regulations that guarantee the safety of  clients’ funds.

Crypterium Review: The way I look at it

The website is registered alongside the name of its owner, Gleb Markov. However, I also believe that Steven Polyak and Vladimir Gorbunov had a hand in the establishment of this project.

They are portrayed as people with a lot of financial and technological experience in this niche. When you hear the phrase ”contact-less payment technology which is based on QR Code scanning, these names have to be involved.

They are also the same team who were responsible for designing and implementing inter-banking direct payment protocol in addition to an official mobile app crypto bank which is due in 2018.

By 2020, Crypterium hopes to achieve a fully operational crypto currency ecosystem.

Of course these are just projections. Gleb Markov and his team must follow to it. Otherwise as currently constituted, I see that this is quite an ambiguous plan.

And if you think that the above previous activities of this website constitute a solid track record that would warrant investing your millions into their ICO offering, rethink your stand.

I have not seen or heard of any rock solid achievements of this company. All of a sudden, they are here with a big bang and making claims that can only be described as elusive, empty dreams.

The problem that many investors will run into in the future is already visible from my perspective. Their ”achievements aren’t popular” yet. The entire Crypto-currency industry doesn’t recognize this ”revolutionary idea” because nearly every other Crypto website is launching an ICO even as we speak.

If their previous achievements have remained underground all this while, why have they suddenly decided to come into the limelight at this time?

The reason why I am questioning their reliability, transparency and authenticity is because already I have numerous questions at the back of my mind. But when I go through the entire Crypterium website, I don’t seem to find answers to my questions, which confirms my worst fears. These hints, along with lack of regulation may put your investments in jeopardy.

Is Crypterium ICO scam or not?

You can purchase Crypterium ICO at various stages of sale. At the time of writing this review, they were running a bonus sale of Crypterium ICO which was to expire in 24 hours.

crypterium ICO

The one thing you should know is that investors or traders who purchase their ICO are not being guaranteed any return as a result of investing their money here. No American investor who has made millions will be willing to gamble their money with these kinds of projects.

Of course investors are also required to fulfill certain conditions to obtain tokens throughout the various stages of the sale of their ICO.

The way I see it is that this project does require a significant amount of capital to get started with. Unless you’re willing to risk your money on an ambiguous project that lacks proper regulations, I don’t think it’s worth buying Crypterium ICO.

My best advice for you

Enough has been said about this website and their ICO opportunity. Indeed the idea is innovative when you think about it in terms of trading and investments in general. But I wouldn’t go into it full throttle with my money.

This is because the proclaimed expectations created by this website are not invoking my trust instincts enough. The reliability and validity of this project is definitely questionable.

I do believe that there are better alternatives out there when it comes to joining the crypto currency trading industry. Until this company fixes the issues that I just raised here, I will not trust them or even ask my audience to do so. Thank you for reading this Crypterium review.