Not A Legit ICO, Detailed Crypterium Review


After publishing the first part of this Crypterium review a month ago, I still felt that there were issues that needed to be tackled.

Although the first part of this Crypterium review was an in-depth analysis of Crypterium ICO and offering in general, it didn’t answer the question of whether or not this platform is legitimate.

Therefore, in this review, I will go ahead to blatantly state that Crypterium is a website that can’t be trusted at all.

They seem shady to me, and it’s for very good reasons which I will later give in this Crypterium review.

With my immense experience as a Forex trader and Cryptocurrency enthusiast, there is no form of Blockchain ICO that can fool me or bypass my radar.

I always do my due diligence before investing in an ICO on the internet.

crypterium review and promises

Don’t be cheated because clearly the world of Cryptocurrencies is really full of scams which prey on the ignorance of investors who don’t really understand what Blockchain is or even how to make money with Cryptocurrencies.

So if you were thinking of investing in Crypterium ICO (because it’s still on at the time of writing this review), you better throw away that plan for now.

Their motto says ”Cryptobank for Crypto people.

But when I look at their whitepaper, they deny that Crypterium or CRPT is a stock.

For that reason, it cannot be treated as a digital currency or tool of investment.

That is to say that CRPT is not registered or recognized under the Securities Act of the United States or any other country for that matter.

So the question becomes: how exactly is Crypterium (as a utility token) supposed to provide value to those who actually purchase the token?

How do you stand to benefit from this token if you purchase the so-called Crypterium stock?

Well, I will be answering those questions in a clear and conscious manner. This is it.

Crypterium Review: A useless ICO it is

Their main selling point is that Crypterium is set to revolutionize the world of Cryptocurrency banking by making it possible to use Cryptocurrencies in some 42 million stores worldwide.

The other selling point is that with Crypterium, you don’t really need those credit/visa cards.

You don’t need to pay exorbitant fees or commission when making transactions.

This project is allegedly set to be the next big thing (now I understand why folks are already querying Google for Crypterium price prediction).

It tells me that most guys have achieved a certain level of trust towards this website.

I do not know about you. But for me to criticize an idea or a project, it really has to fail the test.

In my tests, I usually consider the viability of the opportunity, its’ long-term prospects and projected value that the investor will gain after some time.

Now that the website has already denied that Crypterium is not a Cryptocurrency (yet there is massive evidence that this platform is selling tokens to start offering their digital coin, CRPT), I don’t think I’ll ever want anything to do with investing or buying tokens from them.

They’ve also introduced credit sub-tokens which is supposed to make their idea ”revolutionary”.

I don’t see any significant acceptance rate now or in the future.

Investors are now wiser than before. The adoption rate will never increase beyond where it is at the moment.

What bothers me most is the fact that the team behind it has no real-world experience in Blockchain technology.

crypterium review and about the founders


Anyone with experience in blockchain technology will be able to spot these things on their website.

The moment I see terms such as ”ICO professional”, I begin to think that the person using these phrases has no idea what they are talking about.

I also found generic phrases such as ”founder and CTO of many ground-breaking companies in Asia.”

When I zoom my lenses beyond this sentence, I see a cash grab website disguised as a revolutionary Cryptocurrency bank.

The intention is so crystal clear. I don’t even need to give it a second thought to tell you whether or not it’s scam.

To lure you in, the site will give you many reasons as to why Crypterium is allegedly the next big thing and why you should buy their Token.

It doesn’t mean that the reasons they are giving are legitimate.

Like I mentioned before, their real world experience is questionable. I only see people beating around the bush when confronted with such a question.

If I were you or anyone else who doesn’t want to throw away money, I would never invest in Crypterium ICO, Crypterium stock, or any name you want to call it.

Another thing you should be aware of is that ICO scams have surfaced on the internet, and they are claiming that their tokens are the next big thing.

The only ”next big thing” are scams that look forward to selling snake oil investment schemes.

crypterium review

Crypterium Review: where does this leave us?

Folks who have money and are still new to the idea of Cryptocurrency investment shouldn’t dive in belly forward.

My strong advice is that you should instead consider these strong Cryptocurrencies for your investment: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Ripple, and Monero.

To avoid falling into ugly traps, do your research on the established coins above and decide where you are comfortable putting your money in.

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How to avoid scams and common pitfalls will come as a bonus for this training.

What else after you familiarize yourself with the world of Cryptocurrencies/blockchain economics?

One thing people fail to understand is that ICOs are a different ball game altogether.

If you are a newbie, by no means should you spend your time on Google researching for Crypterium ICO or any other ICO that seems appealing.

It’s a complex world, which is why I urge you to join my course to learn how to advance from Cryptocurrency trading/mining to ICOs without risking any investment in the hands of scammers.

Crypterium review: what you ought to know

Even if you purchased their Token now and acquired an official Crypterium wallet, there is no day CRPT coin will be listed with major exchanges.

Another thing is that Cryperium or any of their affiliates are not going to be the JP Morgan of CryptoBanks.

I pity those who believe in this nonsense. I feel so bad when folks out there work very hard researching for Crypterium price and trying to guess where it will go in the next 5 years.

Oh no. People can do better than this.

You might say that an ICO is an innocent move that doesn’t result in people getting scammed.

Aren’t startups supposed to raise funds through crowdfunding, launching an ICO as it’s the main source of funds that come in to sustain an idea?

Well, I don’t object. My problem is that there are too many fake companies launching ICOs every day and claiming that their idea is the next big thing.

There is no ”next big thing” when the idea is to collect funds from the public while knowing very well that you have no hands-on experience in the blockchain space.

I know some people will shout at me here, saying that Crypterium has a sustainable business model.

They will even claim that since it’s been named by the Financial IT as the top promising fintech companies, it must be legitimate.

The problem is that I don’t buy such cheap endorsements.

I am actually waiting for a time when victims will come here to say that they literally got robbed. It won’t be too long from now.

My best advice for you

This Crypterium review puts the final nail on the casket.

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That being said, I’d like you to leave your comments below.

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Thanks for reading this Crypterium review.