Crescent Crypto Review: Asset Management Scam Alert


Welcome to the Crescent Crypto asset management review. We’ve expertly analyzed this Crypto asset management company and if you are a potential Cryptocurrency investor, you must equip yourself with this knowledge since it’s your right to want to know where your money is going, how the funds will be invested and what returns you’ll be getting from this Crypto asset management company.

The company targets high net worth individuals only and if you don’t have thousands of dollars to invest or are looking to start small before you can eventually invest more, a Crypto asset management company like this one can be a real godsend.

The domain of Crescent Crypto can be found at The company was founded by Ali Hassan who is also the CEO.

The company claims that they are helping investors navigate the world of Cryptocurrencies. Crescent Crypto Asset Management wants the investment community to know that they are the leader in Crypto index fund investing and benchmarking.

Crescent Crypto asset management

So the firm’s operation are revolving around taking investors’ funds and putting them in a basket of various Crypto assets which is supposed to be achieved in a single investment.

Should you put your money in Crescent Crypto asset management? Is it worth investing here? We’ve reviewed similar services before. A particular service called Bitwise Asset management operates in a similar manner to this Crypto fund. They are targeting high-net worth individuals and claiming that they will offer attractive returns.

Crescent Crypto asset management review

There are lots of things going on for this Crypto asset management company. For example, they recently filed a Cryptocurrency-based exchange traded fund (ETF) with the SEC.

The ETF was launched by Crescent Crypto Index Services LLC, which operates within the same management structure as Crescent Crypto Asset Management LLC.

The purpose of the newly launched ETF was to track market performance for capitalization-weighted portfolio of BTC and ETH respectively. You can catch the whole story here.

This Crypto index fund is managed by 3 people (the CEO included). The other ones include Christopher Matta and Michael Kazley.

Crescent Crypto asset management ali hassan

These gentlemen appear to have massive experience in the world of portfolio management. Their focus is on digital assets. Mr. Matta has worked as the vice president of Goldman Sachs Trust Company and Philanthropy Fund while Mr. Michael has worked as a trader at Cedar Lake Capital but has links with Goldman Sachs too.

Crescent Crypto indices

There are 4 different types of Crypto indices offered by this company.

The first one is called Crescent Crypto Market Index. This was launched in 2016 and market capitalization is $277,495,121,519.

The second one is called the Crescent Crypto Anonymity Index. This was launched in 2017 and re-balancing is done on a monthly basis. Market capitalization has not been revealed.

The Crescent Crypto Smart Contract Platform Index was launched back in 2016. It’s the third Crypto index offered by this company and is subject to re-balancing every month.

The last one is the ALT index. This too was launched in 2016. More information about the ALT index and the other 3 can be found in a PDF index guide on their website.

Crescent Crypto Fees and deposits

The investment plans are categorized in 3 tiers. Tier 1 attracts a minimum of $50,000. Annual expense ratio is 2%.

Tier 2 attracts a deposit of $250,000. Annual expense ratio is 1.50%. Tier 3 attract a deposit of 1 million USD and the annual expense fee is 0.95%.

Alleged benefits to investors include best execution price, additional services for free with no layered fund fees and expenses.

Should you invest with this Crypto fund?

Crescent Crypto asset management company looks like a serious operation only that the minimum deposit can be higher for people who are just starting out or those who are not confident on investing in Crypto funds.

As you can see, the minimum is set at $50,000 and this definitely means that those who do not want to part with this much will not have a chance to test this service.

If you are that kind of an investor, you could try an alternative investment fund.


Much has been said about the operations of this Crypto index fund and the decision now lies with you. We’re also looking to see how their new ETF filing with the SEC will go. Thanks for reading the Crescent Crypto asset management fund review.