Copy Profit Success Global Review: $145/Month Forex Trading Scam

Copy Profit Success Global, also known as CPS Global, became popular sometime in 2017. The CEO Joel Santiago, claims that they were ”beta testing” the pre-launch phase, which started at least 9 months ago.

Copy Profit Success Global does not seem to have a website. All promotional activities are happening on their branded Facebook page which has got 523 likes so far.

In the promotional materials being circulated by CPS Global, we learn that the CEO, Joel Santiago is working in tandem with a co-founder named Joe Otis.

Joel Santiago has a history with MLMs as he first appeared in 2015 as the President of another ponzi scam called Volishon.

Volishon integrated its pyramid scheme business model with discounted travel.

In mid 2016, a company associate and also a member claimed that Volishon was collapsing.

Shortly afterwards, Joel Santiago went back to the drawing board to try and save the imminent collapse of Volishon, which saw him introducing revamped compensation plans and hoping to attract new investors.

Nonetheless, this did not help and it ended up collapsing like every other pyramid scheme.

Copy Profit Success Global introduces us to their ”management team” and ”select partners”. See their faces below.

Copy Profit Success Global

I’d leave it at that point. However, I feel compelled to expose these individuals.

  • Joe Otis: used to run Volishon as an ”accredited partner”
  • Marlon Hurd: Used to be the co-founder of Volishon
  • Oberlin Fonseca: was an affiliate who used to aggressively promote the company’s affiliate membership
  • Mack Mills: Real name is Mohammed Zidan – A big time Empower Network scammer who ended up being scammed by Empower Network itself.
  • Steven Gerritse: An affiliate of Empower Network scam.
  • Greg Perdriel: A Bitconnect scammer who spends most of his time posing on social media and promoting more hyip
  • Gerardo Ibarra: A TVC Matrix scammer.
  • Cheri Ward: A member of the dreaded South African-based BTC Global ponzi scam.

In their marketing materials, the CEO Joel Santiago states that Copy Profit Success Global is the greatest opportunity he has ever been part of. He claims this will be his last one.

Copy Profit Success Global Review

Copy Profit Success Global is just promoting their Forex education program.

They claim that they have some of the best traders in the world with up to 25 years of experience. Obviously I can’t confirm this claim. You are better off learning under my mentorship because I walk the talk and I prove what I say with past performance too.

If you love Forex expert advisors, then I have a list of at least 3 Forex robots to use. Anything outside this list is just a total waste of your money and time.

Copy Profit Success Global declares that since they began beta testing a few months ago, all their traders have made profits despite not having any prior experience in Forex trading.

They boast of a monthly ROI of between 11%-17%.

CPS Global presents 3 products for their so-called traders. These include:

  • CPS Global Forex trading university
  • CPS Global Pro Forex signals which members can simply ”copy-paste”. (Don’t be fooled. Get yourself professional Forex trading signals with me)
  • CPS Global frequent Forex trading webinars

Copy Profit Success Global does not disclose who the ”best traders with 25 years of experience” are.

Also, whether this offer is available to retail customers is not clear. Nevertheless, they are selling it alongside their Copy Profit Success Global affiliate membership which introduces the element of a ponzi scheme in the matrix.

The truth and my best advice

Volishon collapsed because it did not incorporate a solid connection between its products and its compensation plan.

Therefore, affiliates could just ignore the products and continue selling membership.

Their discounted travel product was just a way to cash in on the ignorant masses who thought it was some sort of value added package.

Otherwise, the entire platform was centered on a recruitment-driven pyramid scheme business model.

It is not different from what is going on in Copy Profit Success Global.  Actually, Copy Profit Success Global is the reincarnation of Volishon with their discounted travel product being substituted with a Forex trading platform this time round.

Forex Signals and the traders who are supposed to provide them is a vague area because information is very scarce.

Rey Dinero Alecio is cited as one of their ”accredited partners”.

Rey Dinero Alecio is known to have marketed a lot of Forex trading products in the past.

Somewhere in 2017, he got involved with a scam called Copy Profit Share.

Copy Profit Share was supposedly an entity owned by “Nenad Korof”. They allegedly traded and educated investors on how to make money with Forex.

“Nenad Korof” was hired to act as the guy who runs the falsified scheme when in the real sense, the main scammer was hiding.

In one of Alecio’s Facebook posts,  he suggests that Joel Santiago was also involved in Copy Profit Share scam.

Santiago wasn’t the owner of Copy Profit Share but just an affiliate who allegedly earned $10,000 per month before it collapsed.

Based on these findings, we see that Copy Profit Success Global is just an extension of Copy Profit Share scam. Now, the question is, if you follow what these scammers tell you, what will be left of you if Copy Profit Success Global eventually ends up like Copy Profit Share?

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