Combatguard EA Review: Update!


It’s been a while since I reviewed a Forex expert advisor here. So this is my chance to share with you a Forex robot that I find intriguing, the Combatguard EA. The Combatguard expert advisor’s sales page is quite lengthy and fluffy. But I was able to pick up a few things which I consider important as far as this Combatguard EA review is concerned.

The developer of this Forex robot does not disclose their identity but they believe that this software is user friendly, reliable and highly effective.

They want us to understand that the Combatguard EA is able to foretell with greater accuracy what will happen in the Forex market 1 to 4 hours in advance. Unfortunately, the developer does not tell us what strategies they have integrated within the core of the algorithm but are instead using a generic statement like ”it works automatically with its in built strategy using several indicators”.

At this point, I am interested in knowing what indicators they are using in the algorithm and which trading strategy they are utilizing to give the software an edge in the Forex market.

On top of this, I have also discovered that the developer is not willing to provide information pertaining to their location or even their development experience in this industry. All they are giving us is their support email address, [email protected], which they claim is available for use 24/7.

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Combatguard EA Review

While the developer states very clearly that the Combatguard EA can see into the future, I find this sales pitch very gimmicky because obviously these guys are not fortune tellers. But somehow they believe that the ability of this software to see into the future 1 to 4 hours in advance is giving the software an edge.

There is no strategy that was revealed. Instead, the developer utilized that space to describe what features and benefits the Combatguard EA is equipped with. This is quite a typical style of presentation and I have seen it with many EA developers. Euro Pro Scalper is a victim here.