Review: Is Charting Today Scam or Legit?


Welcome to the review. We are reviewing a Forex signals provider who has been around since May 2011. Not only does Charting Today offer Forex signals across pairs consisting of USD, AUD, NZD, EUR, GBP, JPY, CHF and SGD, but they are also inviting PAMM and managed Forex account investors to use their service too.

In addition to this, Charting Today claims that they are providing extensive trading education in their live trading room, but there is zero proof of successful trading.

So I will try to rely on customer reviews and feedback regarding the service.

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Charting Today Review

Is ChartingToday scam or legit? To answer this question, I was forced to go through the site in order to pick up a few points that matter in this review.

According to the site ChartingToday, the Chief analyst is also doubling up as the co-founder of the company. He is only introduced by one name as Tanmay.

Tanmay’s trading experience is not known, and so we may assume that he has been supplying signals and managing Forex accounts since the start of the Charting Today website.

It is also important to note that ChartingToday does not provide their services to residents of the US, India and a few selected countries due to the regulatory hurdles that these countries have in place.

It is certainly good and encouraging to see that a Forex signals provider is obeying the regulatory requirements of countries and is not willing to compromise on this.

However, this is not all there is to know about the operations of Charting Today.

The signals provider tells us that they use limit orders and at least 2 take profit targets. The first target is usually placed at 7-10 pips before the final target can be executed.

This would simply mean that the operators behind ChartingToday are simply magnifying their trade volume in the first run so as to risk less in the second portion of the trade.

Again, this is a sound trading strategy to pursue. What they have not told us is the trading approach or methodology which they are using to analyze the Forex market.