Channel Timez Review – Top Scam Ponzi Scheme

Channel Timez Review – Top Scam Ponzi Scheme

In this Channel Timez review, we reveal that Channel Timez ( does not have anything to do with real advertising business. The monies that investors will be paying here will definitely go down the drain because Channel Timez, which is a fake company, is not doing any real trading business.

Channel Timez is supposed to trade with investors’ money by making use of advertising time on TV and on mobile media. The ”significant growth opportunities” include TV products, renting and buying media products, mobile, channel sales, programme sales and many more.

The company Channel Timez is allegedly buying advertising time in bulk and then re-selling it for more profits.

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This is definitely something that sounds unique. It is the same thing that scammers are now doing with smart contracts. They are covering every industry you can think of, and most of those ideas sound very convincing.

A few examples would be Data Blockchain ICO (which has launched a token based on the sale of user data harvested illegally), Skyfchain ICO (which has launched a token based on the idea that robots will take on logistics) or Globatalent ICO whose token gives investors the right to purchase the rights to own a share of their favorite sports players.

Now, Channel Timez is a little bit different in the sense that they are not launching any ICO. Instead, they are introducing a product and asking investors to contribute in order to earn 20% monthly returns.

What is more, Channel Timez is operating a multi-level referral structure that goes up to 14 levels deep. This is supposed to significantly increase investor earnings.

At the moment, we see that the whole presentation is tainted with ambiguity. So we are not really getting the specifics of the project. However, the general picture is quite clear, and it’s the thing I am going to base this Channel Timez review on.

Channel Timez review

Channel Timez Review

From the word go, we know that Channel Timez is a complete scam and a bogus investment platform. The site is currently receiving heavy traffic from Pakistan. I am tempted to believe that it has some links with Pakistan. I may not know.

However, on the site itself, they claim that Channel Timez is based in Verona, Italy. They are even providing an address which we know is fake. There is no truth on the allegations that Channel Timez is based out of Italy.

To confirm this, I run a brief search on the Italy business registries. I discovered that no such company was listed. So this is definitely a red flag that Channel Timez is a scam.

Channel Timez Review: it is just an MLM

One thing I realize is that this is just a multi-level marketing scheme and nothing more. Just like Dascoin, this will totally waste your investments.

channel timez italy

channel timez fake

To make money in any MLM scheme, you have to refer other people. Furthermore, Channel Timez is just collecting funds from members of the public and using a portion of that fund to make payouts. It is operating like Hashtopia scam, except that Channel Timez has an idea which they are not implementing anyway.

The thing is this; they are not trading advertising time. Usually, such a financial game doesn’t last long. That’s because there is no solid business model behind it. Scamming people based on a pyramid scheme business model is not a sustainable way of doing business.

Our best advice for you

You must stay away from Channel Timez scam if you don’t want to be involved in a pyramidal financial game that causes massive losses.

I want you for a moment to forget programs that claim to generate some returns for you at the end of the month. Money can’t be generated for free.

The best thing you can do for yourself is try trading CFDs. There are very good brokers who facilitate this. Use their demo and if you are comfortable with your strategy, start trading to make money. You might also consider training if you are not sure of how to trade in a live account.

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