Review: Is CCRB Coin Scam or Legit?

| | 0 Comments is a shady and questionable Cryptocurrency project whose idea will soon lead to massive losses — assuming many people end up buying CCRB coin during this ICO phase.

CCRB cannot be the world’s most innovative consumer-oriented altcoin since it’s very new and consumer are not likely to buy its tokens in numbers.

This coin is allegedly more superior compared to Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies because it is not susceptible to price fluctuations and has unique usability in its in-built ecosystem.

What I have seen in the last 1 year is that new Cryptocurrencies are coming up and claiming that they have a unique usability characteristic that can make them the number 1 consumer-oriented Cryptocurrency.

ccrb review

Those platforms have since build a negative reputation for themselves. A good example is Crypterium which operates on the same business model as CCRB website.

Crypterium started as a consumer-oriented altcoin that could be used to make purchases across various retails in many different parts of the world. A couple of months down the line, negative comments and user feedback surfaced. Majority of users are now avoiding it.

Although CCRB is quite new, it implements the same business model as Crypterium, and this has attracted investors who aren’t happy with them.

The question is, should you buy CCRB tokens before the expiry date in April? Is it worth investing in this coin at all?

To answer that question, we will look at what this platform is offering, potential benefits or draw downs as well as user feedback. Then we can make a sound judgement when we conclude this CCRB review.

CCRB.IO Review: What are these guys up to?

Details of site ownership isn’t available anywhere. The same case applies to date of registration. When I checked these details on, I wasn’t able to find that information since the owner has purchased premium package which is actually allowing them to hide these details from the public.

However, the site is suggesting that this business is based out of London since they are giving us a UK address. If you have any questions or feedback, the site owners are advising that you should forward your inquiries to the provided email contact, [email protected] .

So far, no phone contact has been provided anywhere on the CCRB website.

The main idea is that CCRB has launched a blockchain technology that is based on a concept known as Proof of Spending Protocol (PoSP). They claim that this technology is patented (GB1719487.9) and exclusively designed for the CCRB ecosystem.

Basically, PoSP concept is supposed to validate transactions between parties so that it can award new value to the coin after the transaction is complete.

The concept of Proof of Spending Protocol is supposed to validate transactions involving spending of this coin across the public sector, private sector, trading and in any other sector where CCRB coin will change hands.

It’s interesting to see that this protocol was built on the blockchain technology with the aim of facilitating usability while eliminating blockchain fees.

During this ICO, you are supposed to receive 1.22 CCRB for free upon signing up.

ccrb tokens

If you refer someone, you are supposed to earn an additional $10 while that person earning $5 for accepting to sign up under you.

That business model explains why I have been doubting all along that this an advanced version of a ponzi scheme hiding behind the concept of blockchain.

It also explains why the site is receiving a huge traffic mainly from India since the operators are making use of corny traffic exchange websites to give the impression that the site is popular organically.

The site has even implemented an in-built Cryptocurrency exchange where investors can buy and sell Cryptos respectively. They call it CCRBX.

A roadmap has also been printed on their site to show us how they started and where they are going in the near future.

In that roadmap, I can see past, present and future developments. But I must admit that the various dates of launching developments in the past is something we cannot verify.

Furthermore, there is no evidence to suggest that this site is even one year old yet. I definitely don’t believe that this project was launched in 2015.

How you can allegedly make money with CCRB coin

Before you can read this part of the review, prepare yourself psychologically by knowing that there is no money to be earned through this site. Buying and holding this coin will be a total waste of your money, time and mental energy. You should have focused on mining Bitcoins instead.

Usually in any token sale or ICO, price tends to rise as more people buy coins. This is the first method through which CCRB is allegedly intending to make this venture profitable for their investors.

What I do not understand is the internal value mechanism which is allegedly adjusting the value of this coin so that users can spend it globally at 4x higher than the market value of the token. There is a big question mark here.

The other method through which investors can make money is when they use the coin to shop.

The platform has introduced another concept called Proof of Shopping (Proof of Shopping) which according to the site, is a method of mining these coins as long as you’re shopping using it.

The project has allegedly teamed up with a number of retailers in industries such as travel, food, communication and so on. And of course these folks are also claiming that you can exchange the coin for profit on their internal exchange.

Is CCRB a scam or legit?

Yes, this is a big hoax and scam which you must never participate in. In fact, they’ve been accused of stealing funds and ignoring users who inquire of their funds through live chat.

Also, the fact that this site doesn’t have ownership information publicly displayed should automatically make it risky to deal with. Forget the alleged members whose photos have been listed here. Those ”team members” cannot be verified as workers on the CCRB platform.

ccrb coin members

My best advice for you

Be careful with ICOs because not all tokens are worth buying. tries to build confidence by introducing various jargon on their site hoping that you will trust them. Do not. If you want to learn how we identify and buy valid tokens that yield profits without getting scammed, join my mentorship program here. Or you could opt to mine Cryptocurrencies with these trusted platforms

Any questions regarding this review should be directed to me using this contact form.

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