CASHBACK Coin Review: Crypto-currency Asset Management Scam


The site whose domain can be found at is a ponzi scheme through which real money is laundered using CBC coin. However, Cashback Coin also carries with it other aspects of a typical online ponzi scheme which include lending and building a network of referrals.

The way it works is that a user of Cashback Coin will recruit a new user through a special referral link and when they sign up, the user gets to earn a commission or bonus.

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Notice how Cashback Coin is putting strong emphasis on their referral feature than on trading, which is allegedly the most dominant form of activity at is an anonymously registered domain but my research also finds that a big chunk of the traffic is coming from Russia.

Exercise caution every time you come across an anonymously hosted website because if it involves paying money upfront, then chances are that it is a scam.

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Cashback Coin Review

According to Cashback Coin, CBC coin is an innovation online investment platform which was implemented due to contemporary Crypto currency development technology. That is a vague description of whatever they are doing at CashBack Coin.

They also claims that their traders are unique compared to what is available in the market right now.

cashbackcoin review

They plan trading strategy, control the market on a daily basis as well as track and analyze every deal that the operators of CashBack Coin make.

However, CashBack Coin does not provide a real-life example of trading strategies which they have planned or even how they control the market.