Capital FX Signals Review: is this Legit?


Capital FX Signals is a Forex signal provider running an active Telegram channel and selling monthly subscription for an entry price of 39.99 euros. This was initially 49.99 euros but price has allegedly been slashed down to accommodate traders who want to try the service without spending much. Capital FX signals has a website at where they actively market the service. They tell traders that their team comprises of market analysts who send between 4 to 7 signal alerts every day.

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Capital FX Signals review

The Forex signal provider claims that their signal alerts aim at multiple targets which we assume to mean that the signal alerts usually come with multiple take profit levels.

Capital FX Signals review

Their signal service is divided into 2 categories: short term and long term signals but price is the same regardless of which signal plan a trader will choose.

Like every other signal provider, Capital FX Signals does have 3 months, 6 months and lifetime subscription plans as well. These cost more as traders are required to pay 89.99 euros (3 months) and 149.99 euros (6 months) and 249.99 euros respectively.

Capital FX Signals performance

I am not really convinced that someone can provide lifetime signals for such a cheap price tag. I see that this is just too good to be true as it’s an attempt by the team behind Capital FX Signals to make quick bucks from ignorant traders who believe that there are professional traders who are willing to provide unlimited access of quality signals for the price of 249.99 euros.

We have no idea who the people running Capital FX Signals are since the site has maintained some level of anonymity but the vendor has provided a contact form where they can easily be reached.

The question is whether this signal service is legit or not. Do we have any customer feedback out there to verify that the signals offered by Capital FX Signals truly make money?

Trading strategy of Capital FX Signals

There is no information about trading strategy which the market analysts use to find profitable signals. They are also not giving hints on which currency pairs they mostly look out for or what time frame they use for their trading.

We prefer this information very much because we as professional traders can identify whether a Forex signal provider is good or poor at his work based on this information.

This is the same kind of problem I ran into when I reviewed Forex Pips signal. I don’t know what these signal providers usually think whenever they are publishing texts on their web pages and omitting important information like their trading strategy.

Trading performance

Capital FX Signals has done a poor job at convincing the trading community that their signal alerts are profitable.

Capital FX Signals performance

There is no verified trading performance to back their claim that this operation is conducted by expert market analysts. They just provided an outdated bar graph showing their profits up until March (we don’t know of which year) since the chart is poorly done.

Customer reviews/feedback

The reason why this signal service isn’t reliable is because apart from claiming that they are the best, they lack transparency plus no user has ever reviewed them… meaning that the service is either new or nobody has ever bothered to talk about their experience with Capital FX Signals. Possibly they don’t have a lot of customers and so this will be the first review to provide a platform for feedback.


I can’t recommend Capital FX Signals because the service is lacking in many areas. First of all, their lifetime plan is just too good to be true and secondly, their performance presentation is rubbish. They should fix these things before presenting the service to traders. And of course we don’t like working with anonymous traders.

If you have some information about this service, please comment below this Capital FX Signals review.