BTC Trading Inc Review: Scam or Legit Broker-dealer?


Welcome to the BTC Trading Inc review. There are many interesting things about this website, which form the basis for this review. If you are an investor looking for a reliable fund manager who can invest your money wisely, you need to read this BTC Trading Inc review because the site claims to operate as a privately-owned broker dealer and off-shore investment advisor asking for a minimum deposit of $250,000.

This amount of extremely high, and before you send this deposit, you need to know who is going to manage it, what type of investment experience they have and whether or not they are licensed.

btc trading inc review

Many times we have heard that off-shore investment advisors are scams. Is this an exception?

Based on what I have researched, I realize that BTC Trading Inc is not regulated.

Their track record is also unknown, although the sales page claims that they have a wealth of experience managing their clients’ funds for many years.

This wealth of experience cannot be independently verified, which leaves me with many questions regarding the integrity of BTCTradingInc.

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BTC Trading Inc Review

BTC Trading Inc cites the physical address Haesung 2 Building
8th FloorTeheran-roGangnam-guSeoul, 06178 South Korea.

However, there is no disclosure anywhere on their site as to whether they are registered with the Financial Services Commission in South Korea.

This is a requirement for all fund managers/broker dealers/investment advisory firms operating within this jurisdiction.

BTC Trading Inc claims to provide quality investment service targeted at high net-worth individuals as well as institutional clients.

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On their site, they reveal that they are using cutting-edge technology, outstanding support and highly customized investment solutions for their high net-worth clients.

They promise us that they will conduct bespoke research which is inspired by their client’s needs. They are allegedly conducting political and regulatory analysis to identify which shares and equities and most profitable.

They also claim that managing risks has been the cornerstone of their investment style for many years. However, there is no evidence that BTC Trading Inc was operating before the date of their domain registration in (April 2018).

Their team is allegedly made up of 20 investment managers, but none of them have been introduced on their website. This is how scams like Algotechs has been operating.

btc trading inc scam

Lack of transparency is the main issue here. If you’re going to invest a huge sum of money such as $250,000, it’s in your best interest to do so with a fully transparent investment manager.

Unfortunately, BTC Trading Inc fails this test, and is showing patterns of a highly risky investment manager to trust.

BTC Trading Inc Review – how they work

To get started, investors are required to fill up a form and submit the relevant documents. They are also supposed to choose their preferred investment plan according to their risk profiles. All services offered by BTC Trading Inc have been listed on their site.

These include:

1 Income Cornucopia portfolio

This plan is described as a high return after tax investment package for medium and long term investments. The goal is to beat or exceed the Alexander Forbes Money Market Index benchmark.

BTC Trading Inc manages your investment portfolio and claims that with this plan, they will give you exposure to highly profitable listed shares, preference shares, property shares and fixed deposit accounts for the long term.

This plan is fully managed by their professional portfolio managers who are anonymous anyway.

2 The Builder Cornucopia investment

This investment plan is their flagship investment package whose aim is to beat or exceed the inflation (CPI) + 3% benchmark after all costs have been deducted.

According to BTC Trading Inc, this investment plan is aimed at protecting and growing your wealth.

Like the first investment package, this one too has the individual’s name in the investment account.

3 The BTC Trader Cornucopia

This plan is suitable for investors willing to risk more to gain more in a short time.

The website claims that they are using several risk management techniques with strict procedures for their entries and exits in the market.

4 The Equities Cornucopia

They claim that this plan has the potential to yield excellent returns because it focuses on investing in undervalued listed shares.

The benchmark which they are competing with is FTSE All Share Total Return Index over the medium and long term duration.

It is a diversified portfolio with exposure to international stocks and is managed by the same anonymous team that BTC Trading Inc has refused to introduce on their website.

This off-shore broker dealer and investment advisory is listing a couple of reasons on their site as to why they believe they are the best.

Some of them include access to global-standard trading algorithms, Quantitative Research, Fundamental, competent traders with a wealth of experience, wide range of liquidity sources, basket trade execution for institutional clients among other things. But can they be trusted?

Is BTC Trading Inc a scam?

In my opinion, I believe that this is an illegal investment advisory firm because they don’t hold a license.

But there are also other reasons why I believe that this investment firm cannot be trusted with that much ($250,000).

Their ”highly competent and experienced traders” are anonymous. Their company details (like names of Directors and the top managers) is also not available on their site except a physical address, a phone number (+82-2-6410-8657) and an email address.

btc trading inc

Another reason why I and any other investor would not trust BTCTradingInc is because in as much as they are making big claims and convincing us with lengthy statements in their about us page,  there is no proof of trading performance.

If they have years of experience in the market and claim that BTC Trading Inc has been around for some time, they surely must have some proof of performance. But this isn’t available.


In as much as this fund manager would like to convince us that their business is legit, there are certain things that raise a red flag. Their lack of transparency is disturbing, notwithstanding the fact that they don’t have trading results to show us on their website.

In my opinion, I would never invest with a site like this, and neither I’m I recommending them to investors. If you don’t have a big capital yet, pick any of the investment solutions available here.

PS: if you have experience with BTC Trading Inc, feel free to comment about this experience below.

BTC Trading Inc


BTC Trading Inc is an off-shore broker dealer and asset manager. Claims to adopt a variety of investment approaches to exceed expectations but has zero trading performance and evidence on their site, notwithstanding the fact that they are unregulated.

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