BTC Trade Farm Review – is a Scam!

BTC Trade Farm ( is a Cryptocurrency scam site whose mission is to persuade the financially illiterate to invest and lose. So in this BTC Trade Farm review, you will learn all the reasons as to why this is a risky platform that doesn’t deserve your money and time.

They claim that a fully automated trading robot is in place and your job is to invest and sit back as you wait to collect revenue.

There are 6 investment plans with a minimum deposit of 1.1 BTC all the way to 10 BTC.

Expected returns are up to 100% in 2 days. This would translate to 1500% every month. It is like multiplying your investments over and over again.

These figures no longer make sense. If the owner of BTCTradeFarm is truly able to make 1500% per month, they would be rich by now. They would never solicit any money from you.

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BTC Trade Farm scam review

BTC Trade Farm Review

The ugly truth is that you cannot make 1500% per month with any Cryptocurrency investment platform. Anyone who insists that you can make astronomical returns is just lying and possibly wanting to scam you.

BTC Trade Farm is therefore a scam because you cannot multiply your investment capital over and over again every 30 days. Even if you combine mining with trading, this will never happen.

I have mentioned this issue in some of my previous reviews such as in Bitcoin Miner 365, DD Futures, and several others.

Right now, the price of Cryptocurrencies is not strongly bullish, though I personally believe in a bullish trend in the long term as cited by this technical analyst whom I concur with.

Last year especially towards December, the price of Bitcoin was strongly bullish. Even then, we could not make 1500% per month.

The point is, BTC Trade Farm scam is deceptive and is focused on robbing the financially illiterate.

BTC Trade Farm proves to be a scam

Such an illegal investment service is not able to successfully build any credibility despite feigning it.

On the BTCTradeFarm website, they claim that they are based in New York. But this is not true since the scammers are 100% anonymous with no traces on the web.

Apart from this, BTC Trade Farm is claiming to trade Cryptocurrencies on behalf of its members. This is a regulated service in the US, Canada, UK and many other countries.

The operators of this site are clearly breaking the law by purporting to offer asset management services without a licence. US regulators would never allow it.

How BTC Trade Farm scam robs gullible internet users

You have to understand that ridiculous returns are the tricks of a ponzi scheme as opposed to a legit Cryptocurrency mining or trading platform.

BTC Trade Farm is either an outright scam or paying ROIs based on new deposits. Either way, it is destined to collapse. You should know this.

You want to avoid a terrible scam and instead look for genuine ways of investing your hard-earned money?

One of the viable ways to grow your investments over time is to trade Cryptocurrencies on a regulated broker’s platform.

As with trading, you must practice on a demo (which has been freely provided by the broker).

A good plus would be getting proper training as you practice in order to shorten the length of time it takes you to horn your skill.

Of course you can also combine trading with mining of Bitcoins and other altcoins. Remember, BTC Trade Farm is just a worthless scam.

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