BTC Robot Review: Is Scam?


BTC Robot review in 2017. People want to know whether BTC Robot is a scam or not. Take this to the bank. I’ve gone through the website and even tried setting up an interview with them to no avail. I made it clear that I was going to write a negative review about this illegal business but no one took me seriously.

The response was ”You can go write whatever you want because we honestly don’t care”. But the truth is that they do care a lot. If I expose them, you will save money instead of donating it to this scam.

Here’s my take according to my own research:

BTC Robot Review: Red flags are all over the place

It is easy to fall for the tricks that BTC Robot website is using to market this fraudulent product. First off, BTC Robot is allegedly a Bitcoin trading robot that is making millions of dollars and causing users to swim in riches.

According to the website (, anyone who trades Bitcoin will always make money even if the economy is not doing well.

When the big financial institutions are on the verge of collapsing, users of BTC Robot will continue to secretly generate wealth because Bitcoin is a decentralized form of currency that does not get affected by factors that affect world currencies.

The website even provides various news sources where Bitcoin was mentioned and projected to have the potential of taking over major currencies like the dollar because Bitcoin is infallible.

This website keeps spreading what can only be termed as scare mongering talk, nothing substantial.

By the way, this is a very lengthy landing page. You get bored in the process of reading their website, yet the owner thinks that they are really doing a good job to convince those who don’t understand matters related to Bitcoin.

Of course this is BS because since this website came online, I have never seen or heard anyone making any money from it. I mean that the BTC Robot is just a scam that people are not even paying attention to. It’s similar to Bitcoin Wealth Club and many others.

Despite having more than 5,000 words on this website, we still don’t find any value or meaningful content that can convince us that this is a legitimate business.

Most of the content of this site is centered on how the value of Bitcoin is supposed to rise and that those who are left behind will end up being broke for life if they don’t jump in on time.

My question is, why can’t they use their secret to enrich themselves instead of involving people in this? Someone might say they are pooling funds for greater profits.

If BTC Robot was really profitable and they were in need of funding, they would have simply borrowed a loan to get this project off its knees, period. No soliciting people on the internet to join them.

Overview of the site where BTC Robot is hosted at

This website is total nonsense according to me. I never saw any value in it. I could not find the answer that I was looking for here despite claims that BTC Robot website was offering a revolutionary Bitcoin trading system for anyone who wanted financial freedom.

I see that this website is only concentrating on hype and not reality. The sales pitch feels gimmicky and can never convince anyone. It takes a fool to believe the message which they are preaching on this site.

BTC robot scam pictures

The pictures which have been published on this site clearly communicate a message. If you have eyes, you will see that these pictures are nothing but a display of wealth and a life of financial freedom in general.

They are communicating a life that is impossible to achieve by just using a software like BTC Robot. But the message is quite aggressive. The criminals want you to believe that with soaring prices of Bitcoin, you can become an overnight millionaire by simply subscribing to their BTC Robot and using it with any one of their recommended brokers.

The website has a couple of videos which you will discover as you scroll down the homepage. What is the content of these videos? You’ll be shocked. The gentlemen in these video clips are actors who got paid to participate in scare mongering.

The things they say cannot be justified or defended by any evidence. Moreover, they are cheap actors who have been paid to recite lines which have previously been used more than a thousand times on the internet to sell scams. In my opinion, nothing good can come out of this corny money making opportunity.

BTC Robot website is discrediting Forex trading and Bitcoin mining: what a shame?

While I was perusing the website of this shoddy get rich quick opportunity to learn more about it, I bumped into a statement that said Forex trading was dead. Bitcoin mining was not even in existence. I laughed and said, well, this is a scam and they can tell you anything to make a sale.

Is Forex trading dead? Even a mad man can tell you that people trade Forex and some make money while others make losses (depending with their experience or products which they are using).

For the last few months now, I have been recommending various trading products specifically for trading Forex. At no point did consumers report to me that they used my most recommended Forex trading products and made losses in the process.

At no point did these folks ask for a refund because ”Forex is dead”. In fact, they bought those trading products simply because Forex was and is still big business. So when a scam like BTC Robot claims that Forex is dead, I only wonder where the heck this is coming from.

What about Bitcoin mining? Is Bitcoin mining dead the way BTC Robot website is putting it? No way. These folks are not getting their facts right. If you query Google with the words ”Bitcoin Mining opportunities”, you will be shocked by the number of results that will show up for that query. Just like Forex trading, I don’t think that Bitcoin Mining is dead.


btc robot website discrediting bitcoin mining

Any trading results to prove the claims?

Honestly, I have no idea about what’s going on in this website. The BTC Robot website is big on claims. But when it comes to prove of performance, the only thing we have are screenshots of fake trading results.

btc robot fake results

I am even wondering why there is no myfxbook account to confirm what I am seeing above.

Maybe I am asking too much. But isn’t it rational enough to seek confirmation before jumping into some weird product that promises heaven on earth in just a few days?

I definitely feel that any website that alleges to have a magic trading robot must accompany their claims with proof of performance. BTC Robot does not have this proof of performance so far.

Plans and pricing of BTC Robot

After all the hype, BTC Robot website offers their visitors 3 plans which they can subscribe to in order to start making wealth.

There’s a single license plan which they are offering at the cost of $19.99 per month. This is the basic plan and does not appear to come with premium support.

The second plan costs $39 per month. You get BTC Robot plus premium support. With this plan, BTC Robot will allow you to run the robot on an MT4 broker of your choice. But somehow, they are restricting you to work with their rogue brokers.

Finally, the most expensive plan is the annual plan which costs $399, one off payment. This is the biggest rip off.

My Advice

I don’t believe that BTC Robot is a legitimate trading robot for Bitcoin crypto-currency trading. Avoid if you want to save yourself from the emotional torture that comes with losing money.

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