Brokerrage Review – Company) is Scam, not Legit


Welcome to the Brokerrage review. Also known as BKR company, is running a fund-manager type of business but fooling investors on the basis of a Forex brokerage business model. claims that they are registered in Finland as a Ltd liability company. To contact the company, investors can use telephone + (358) 942 451 682, (Skype (BKR-support-eu), Telegram (BrokerrageLTD) or email support at

The company is offering currency, Futures/stocks and Cryptocurrency trading and are offering 4 types of investment plans to their clients (no trading accounts).

According to their disclaimer page, any damage inflicted to clients as a result of using the services of this company will not be their responsibility.

If that kind of reckless warning doesn’t send chills down your spine, then you should probably read this review to the end.

brokerrage review bkr company

The reason why this is a peculiar brokerage type of operation is because they are seemingly operating a ponzi scheme but making it look like a genuine broker.

You send funds but instead of getting access to a trading platform like an MT4, a cTrader etc, the company starts to trade them.

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Brokerrage Review

One of the things mentioned in the BKR company’s website is that they have worked hard to achieve consistent success in trading.

The company is allegedly innovating and implementing new technology to help further their agenda. claims that they are working with professionals of versatile experience and are constantly improving their business strategies.

The company in question was founded in 2017. They claim that since they founded BKR company, it has achieved remarkable success in the field of trading and also in terms of building relationships with their clients.

The website does not mention any of their supposed traders who have worked for the ”largest trading floors” in the world.

Surely, if a company has such employees in its arsenal, it would be very proud introducing their profiles on the company’s website.

Unfortunately BKR company is quite suspicious because all their traders are anonymous, plus it was blacklisted in the website as a dangerous site to invest with.

When a company or website is listed by the Financial Commission, it means one of the following:

  • They are operating a ponzi scheme or a high yield investment program
  • Theft of customer funds
  • Unlicensed or fraudulent offering
  • Misleading statement about their operations
  • Guilty of other fraudulent conducts Review – what they offer

They are offering 4 different types of investment accounts with a promised daily return of anywhere between 0.3% to 1.2%.

The minimum investment is $100 and maximum is $100,000. Of course people who can afford to fork out $100,000 are smart people.

They are investors who are typically hard to convince, and will not easily fall for cheap scams like

I am not going to mention the names of the investment plans. However, it should be quite obvious that 1.2% daily returns is a too good to be true ROI.

Moreover, Brokerrage states that no withdrawals will be processed in the first 15 days of funding any of the plans.

In other words, they have a lock-in period of 15 days. The company does not tell us where their funds are stored or whether or not they have segregated accounts.

We would be certain if was licensed to operate a fund manager type of operation.

But since they are not licensed and are illegally collecting funds from members of the public, we can be sure that client funds are not held in a segregated account.

Brokerrage Review – feedback

There is no user feedback. The only thing I was able to find is the mention of this scam on a couple of fake High Yield program review sites.

As always, they are endorsing the scam. But we know that genuine user feedback should come in form of real user reviews and testimonials on popular internet forums.

This site operates in a similar fashion to Algotechs, Topstepfx, JennoCrypto and many others. Review – the conclusion

Brokerrage is definitely a scam. With all the red flags and the fact that they aren’t licensed, you can’t go wrong when you avoid them.

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