Brit Formula Review – Perilous Scam


The lading page of the Brit Formula software can be found at This Brit Formula review is basically a warning that Harry Jones is a con and the person behind this operation has no special trading formula to share with you.

The anonymous owner of this web page claims that they found the secret to making millions of dollars and that they are willing to share their success with anyone.

They claim that the Brit Formula works extremely fine and is allegedly easy to use. All people can use it regardless of whether or not they are experienced traders.

Only use regulated brokers By the way, never use brokers recommended by scam software vendors

Additionally, the Brit Formula software website is guarantying profits to the tune of $1000 per day out of a small trading account of $300.

The question is this, can Mr. Jones share his goldmine with everyone? And why are they so desperate to distribute this piece of file to every internet random?

I will explain in this Brit Formula review.

Welcome to the Brit Formula Review

The thing with this software is that it is as fake as its name. In fact, it is just a cloned version of some popular binary options software which scammed traders some time in 2016.

I also noticed that the speaker in the video was referring to themselves as Pertu and not Mr. Jones. This simply means that the pitch video has been recycled from another similar scam.

Mr.Jones was unfortunately too lazy to create his own video. You need to understand that this is a dubious character, someone who is probably leaving in their mother’s apartment and using this website to make some quick bucks.

So pathetic they are. In fact, there are too many red flags in the Brit Formula website. Ignoring them would be perilous. I’ll quickly go through them here to save your time.

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The Brit Formula Review – Fake testimonials

There are a couple of screenshots on the homepage of Brit Formula software showing how traders are allegedly making millions of dollars.

Brit Formula

The anonymous scammer is trying to imply that they have a lot of followers on Facebook, Twitter and on Telegram who are always creating a buzz around this trading software and its ability to generate outstanding results.

They used stock photos and falsified testimonials to fool visitors of this site. None of these people have ever made any money with this software.

No trading results for the Brit Formula software

What you’re seeing on this website (live third party verified results) is fake results.

Who is this third party and why is there no link to this third party entity? And of course there is no results to discuss. This is therefore fake information.

Brit Formula Review – the conclusion

When you give them your email address, they’ll eventually lead you to opening an account with an unregulated broker. You don’t want this.

Secondly, the Brit Formula is a money loser. To become a successful trader, you have to learn how to do it properly. Click below for more information.