Review: Is Bitrobo Legit or Scam?

Welcome to the review. is where Bitrobo is hosted at. The company behind Bitrobo is known as Bitnow Ltd.

Since is a domain that belongs to a registered corporation, many people would believe that Bitrobo is a genuine bot for trading Cryptocurrencies.

You shouldn’t judge based on the fact that the developers registered a company in the UK and decided to sell a Crypto trading bot on the internet.

Registering a company in the UK and almost anywhere in the world costs next to nothing.

That’s why scammers love to imply credibility by getting quick company registrations in the UK.

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I cannot verify any of the claims made by Bitrobo website. The sales page is mediocre at best, and even the worst case of financial ignorance will never fall for such a sales page.

Is Bitrobo genuine or a scam? review

On the sales page, they claim that Bitnow is going to be known as a company that is excelling in auto trading.

BNLimited bitrobo review

I don’t know what numbers they are basing this projection on. I also don’t believe that Bitrobo is supposed to place financial freedom in your hands.

You can only pay for Bitrobo in Bitcoin or Ethereum. One of the conditions for earning with is that you must join under a sponsor’s link – quite suspicious.

The cost for Bitrobo is 11 Euros. The sales page has a countdown timer which says this offer will expire in a couple of days and so you will pay 50 Euros instead.

This is a sales gimmick. Don’t believe marketing tactics where marketers utilize countdown timers to announce fake offers.

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Bitrobo Review – features and benefits

We are just going over the features and benefits for the sake of it. They claim that is an entity that is managed by expert traders who will assign the best trades to you while continuously monitoring risks.

But as far as expert traders and developers are concerned, I cannot establish who these traders are nor for how long they have been trading the Cryptocurrency markets.

They claim that trades will be copied from the best Bitrobo traders based out of England. Are you supposed to believe these anonymous traders even when you have not seen their trading results yet? review – more red flags

Think of this – a robot costing 11 Euros is promising your financial freedom. Now, think of it this way. Bitrobo has no verified performance results, just a sales page and a couple of promises slapped on it.

I have reviewed similar mediocre sites many times before. Some of them include Auto-arbitrage, Britcoin System, Crypto Coin Rankings among others.

To use Bitrobo, you have to sign up under a sponsor’s link. What this essentially means is that is operating like a traditional ponzi scheme.

The scammers want to quickly leverage on numbers because they know that their time is short.

A ponzi scheme is mathematically designed to fall with a thud. Bitrobo cannot convince me that they’ll trade my funds if they are forcing me to join under a ”sponsor”.

Bitrobo Review – the conclusion doesn’t look like a website that we can trust. Although 11 Euros doesn’t sound like a big investment, consider what you can potentially lose in a trading operation that involves a generic Crypto trading bot like Bitrobo.

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