Blue Trading Review – Legit Forex Managed Service or Scam?


********* Blue Trading decided to scam and disappear with investors money. This review was done a year ago at a time when many investors reported to have profited from Blue Trading, and we verified their claims too********

Are you looking for Blue Trading reviews that are honest and straight to the point? Don’t visit the forums. This Blue Trading Forex review will give you the answers you’re looking for.

This Blue Trading review is actually an in-depth analysis of the company, it’s background as well as its current performance in the Forex and Cryptocurrency markets

Some of the questions we will be answering in this Blue Trading review are as follows:

Is Blue Trading Forex managed account the best Forex and Cryptocurrency investment for you?

Is Blue Trading company a reliable entity that you can trust with your money?

Well …

This company promises to trade and monitor investors’ accounts on a 24 hour basis everyday.

I believe these claims are not baseless because I have even received emails from several investors who claimed that Blue Trading truly pays the advertised 19% monthly returns. I will go ahead and show you the kind of emails I receive in my inbox about Blue Trading, and they are real as you can see below.

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Email: gongjai@***** email hidden
Subject: bluetrading
Message: I’m currently using blue trading and the results are good and they truly pay the 19% monthly return as advertised on their site, however I haven’t yet withdrawn the money yet, to confirm that I am able to withdraw. The only other firm that I have used before with a decent managed return I did withdraw used for 2 years. I’m looking to invest in a EA, to mitigate CP risk. Your reviews seem reliable. I will post here to let you know whether Blue Trading processed my withdrawal. Kind regards, Jamie
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The above email explains everything about Blue Trading and I do not have to add many stories unless you have the skepticism of a doubting Thomas and are really a picky person who doesn’t know what they want. In that sense, I recommend that you stop reading this Blue Trading review. I’m being honest with you.

But if we are still together, good, let’s move forward.