Review: Is Cedric’s Bitspread a Scam Hedge Fund?


Many investors are wondering how to invest in Bitspread. This is because in 2018, there was a massive marketing campaign rolled out for Bitspread hedge fund (formally on major business news outlets like

Nonetheless, before people invest in Bitspread hedge fund, they need to understand what it is, how it works and whether or not it would be the best investment to put money in.

At the moment, there is just a lot of hype surrounding Bitspread hedge fund, and in this review, we are going to cover it in details and even question some of the claims being made by Bitspread hedge fund.

In the official website, they proclaim to be the leader in blockchain asset management, financial solutions and advisory.

They also claim that their product offers the smartest way to invest in Crypto currencies because they allegedly have a capital protected strategy on Bitcoin that lets investors earn returns regardless of whether price increases or drops.

In simple terms, this is arbitrage trading where traders leverage on the price disparities of Bitcoin between two or more exchanges.

In 2019, Bitspread’s management has claimed that they are going to protect their client’s funds by investing 80% of those funds at JPMorgan Chase and Co, where Cedric worked at.

This is definitely ambitious but like any other investment project, one cannot say for sure whether or not returns will be guaranteed.

Is Cedric Jeanson’s firm Bitspread, a scam or a legit investment company?

Bitspread Hedge Fund Review

The company in question is called Bitspread Ltd. It is owned and operated by Cedric Jeanson.

The rest of the company executives are listed as Ritika Sen (Chief Operating Officer) and Stephane Redon (Head Strategy & Execution Services).

BitSpread Financial Solutions Ltd is situated at Pavilion, 96 Kensington High SLondon, W8 4SG United Kingdom and claims to be regulated through regulatory umbrella hosting firm, Met Facilities LLP (FRN: 587084).

Bitspread hedge Fund maintains this Twitter page which has not been updates since June 2018.

This hedge fund is allegedly run by professionals in finance and blockchain.

Cedric Jeanson appears to have a solid career profile as he cites several investment hedge funds which he has worked for.

These include Barclays Investment Bank, Bespoke Partners Ltd, Nomura and currently Bitspread Ltd. 

He also claims that in 2014, he set up and worked on his blockchain research and advisory venture. All of you remember that this is the year when people started talking about Bitcoin.

BitSpread allegedly manages more than $25 million in investor funds.

However, what surprises me is that despite the company reporting so on major financial news outlets, the traffic that comes to their website seems to be very minimal as their Alexa ranking shows that is not a popular site at all.

BitSpread Blockchain Asset Management Financial Solutions

Now, the most important revelation with regards to the credibility and viability of this project is the claim that BitSpread’s financial performance is audited by KPMG.

This is a claim you need to take seriously if you are one of those who are asking how to invest in Bitspread.

Like those who trade Forex and prove their performance using, BitSpread intends to produce proof of performance in their audited trading results.

You need to ask proof of this to see whether or not you can invest with this hedge fund.

BitSpread review – product offering

There is a wide range of fancy-sounding names for their product strategy. These include:

(a) Market Neutral Liquidity (Alpha Volatility)

A strategy that claims to generate impressive returns using ‘cross-market arbitrage’ to keep the selected blockchain asset from price appreciation or depreciation.

(b) Blockchain Wealth Active Growth (Alpha Picking)

This strategy seeks to achieve returns through long exposure on a selected basket of blockchain assets.  You may need a clear definition of what this means by asking them directly on their website.

(c) Blockchain market capitalization Tracker (Beta Exposure)

This strategy tracks the first 5 blockchain assets with regards to market capitalization. This basket is allegedly ‘re-balanced’ monthly.

(d) Blockchain Airdrop Event Driven (Alpha Event Driven)

Something called Blockchain ”forks” generates free digital currencies for the company and they seek, manage and monetize the free digital currency.

(e) Blockchain big data prediction (Alpha big data)

Their market data intelligence team analyzes the market to help Bitspread anticipate movements.

(f) Blockchain private equity (Alpha private equity)

The strategy claims to focus on centralized and decentralized exchanges which offer Crypto currency assets with the aim of capitalizing on them.

How to invest in Bitspread financial Solutions

The easiest way to do it would be to ask them directly what the process entails since the website does not list any investment plans.

I am not in a position to advice you on this matter. However, I believe that for the sake of efficiency, it would have been better if Bitspread listed all their financial solutions in addition to investment packages.

Is Bitspread Hedge Fund a scam?

Just because the project is owned by a very well known personality does not mean your funds are safe either.

Even if it is an established company with company executives clearly listed on their profiles and can be traced online together with their professional biographies, it does not mean that the idea can be beneficial to you since no investment is 100% safe.

Basically, what Cedric is saying in all this information is that his firm is practicing Arbitrage trading.

I believe that most of you have heard this term before. It simply means buying and selling while taking advantage of the price feed disparity in different exchanges. There are affordable robots that can automate this process for you. 


This might not necessarily be a scam but you still have to exercise caution when investing large amounts.

Cedric and his team will most likely ask for a big amount of your hard earned money because their site clearly states that this business is for ”professional investors”.

Also, take note that demanding to see their audited performance is extremely important. If they claim that their trading results are audited, it would be fair to show those results to their audience.

Finally, am expecting those of you who have invested with Bitspread to contribute their opinions and reviews about the service in the comment section.