Bitrading888 Review: Dashboard bitrading888 Scam Alert!


Looking for an honest Bitrading888 review where you can get useful insights which inform your decision to invest or not to invest? This Bitrading888 review will provide you with first hand information being that this is the very first official review of the platform since no other blog or website has ever published anything concerning Dashboard bitrading888.

The name Dashboard.bitrading888 is another domain of the site and from the word go, you should be avoiding this site at all cost because it looks shady. It has all the characteristics of a scam. I will explain later and hopefully save you the amount of money that you could have lost in the process.

Bitrading888 does not disclose ownership information on their website and certainly their information is kept private. The site claims to invest funds in Forex and Cryptocurrency markets. They claim to have created a robot called Robot BT-888 which they are using to trade their customer funds in the background. There is no information about this robot, just the same way the site is presenting very shallow information concerning their investment strategy. In fact, other than saying that they are traders in the Forex, Crypto and sports market, there’s no other useful information that can help raise investor confidence toward the site.

You need to understand that these characteristics are very common among scam websites including those that adopt a ponzi scheme business model. If you want to be sure that you’ll make money as a Cryptocurrency trader, you should either seek to learn how to trade on your own or invest at least 0.1 BTC into a reliable Crypto index fund like this one.

Now, the truth is that this is an MLM or some kind of a ponzi scheme. We are looking at the promised daily returns, commissions and style of presentation. In addition to this, the site does not have a clear investment strategy to discuss with potential investors. All of this is evidence enough that this site is potentially a scam.

Bitrading888 review

Most of the operations of this site are published in a PDF document (bitrading 888 pdf) which basically contains information of what they do, how payouts are spread across members and what the team is basically doing to generate revenue.

bitrading888 review

Once you read the Bitrading 888 pdf document, you will immediately understand that this is a ponzi scheme as opposed to a legit Cryptocurrency trading operation.

They are masquerading as a legit Crypto trading operation which uses a robot to trade on behalf of their customers when in reality, this is just an excuse. No trading bot is behind their operation. There is no proof that Bitrading 888 is operating any kind of Crypto trading robot that generates the alleged returns.

Bitrading 888 daily returns: too good to be true

The scam claims that it is generating 2% daily returns for its investors meaning that in a month, investors are supposed to make 60% returns. This simply means that if you invest $1,000, you are supposed to make a profit of $600 and if you decide to withdraw deposit plus profit, you will be taking away $1600 in total.

In addition to this, the site claims that they are offering binary bonus which is 10% from your smallest work team. This is paid in points and 1 point is said to be an equivalent of $1.

There are 9 investment plans in total called Career plans. These range from Bronze, Silver, Gold, Ruby, Emerald, Diamond, Double Diamond, Triple Diamond and Black Diamond.

The minimum number of points that can be invested is 50 points which basically means $50 for an alleged return of $500. Black Diamond, which is the ultimate investment plan requires 50 million points for the price of a helicopter.

Bitrading888 associates participation into the program with luxurious living where the operators tout the wealthy lifestyle of the top 1%. They make use of pictures of luxurious gadgets and dollar bills to persuade naive investors into signing up and starting with at least the minimum deposit of $50.

All of this is included into the Bitrading 888 pdf document. Of course this is clever ponzi scheme operation. Despite not providing clear indication of how they invest, they still promise abnormal ROI (supposedly paid through trading of Forex and Cryptocurrencies) to potential victims while at the same time getting away with the fact that their service is shady, not reputable and to some extent unregulated.

robot bt 888

If this site was based in the US, they would have been required by the law to register with the SEC because they are offering ROI by claiming to trade using a robot. The problem is that even the location of the owners is anonymous, and this is a huge red flag.

Bitrading888 review – terms

According to Bitrading 888 pdf document, payouts are processed every Tuesdays and Thursdays. Daily earnings are credited after 24 hours. Binary ceiling is the value of one’s package.

There is much emphasis on referrals which is clearly a style that MLMs use to make the most amount of money for the owner, not the investor.

The truth about this investment operation

There is no trading of Forex or Cryptocurrencies and two, returns are to be paid when new investors deposit more money. If the number of investors start to dwindle, there will be no payouts.

In the worst case scenario, the owner might decide not to issue any payouts whatsoever. Robot BT-888 is an imaginary creation of the scammers. Finally, if you invest here, you should be prepared to lose all your deposit because the odds are stacked against you.


Now that you have read this Bitrading888 review and are aware that this is a scam, you should make clever decisions by avoiding this shady investment operation at all cost.

You’ll make good money trading with a Forex robot for example. You can even make more when you invest in a Crypto service like this one. Meanwhile, avoid MLMs at all cost. They never generate any returns for their investors, only losses because no external source of revenue is involved. So how can they lie to you that they’ll return your deposit plus profit?