Review – How Can a Scam Like Bitfinity be Legit? is yet another straight off the shelf High Yield Investment scam, and regardless of whether you send the minimum $20 or maximum $80,000, you will probably lose it all. This Bitfinity review is a warning not to invest with this anonymous and dishonest investment operation involving the payment of Bitcoin with the promise that it will yield 8% daily ROI or 108% after 5 days.

According to Bitfinity, the site offers generous returns on investments as well as affiliate options which can make you rich. It’s quick, easy and does not involve any effort from your side.

So, the concern is this – if we can earn 8% daily ROI with Bitfinity, we’d probably be making 240% monthly return (impossible). If we stayed long enough, we’d be guaranteed to become millionaires soon.

Why is the anonymous owner of hustling us for $20 if they know the secret to multiplying Bitcoins in an instant? Isn’t what they have collected enough to generate more Bitcoins for them so that the owner of the site can have an early retirement somewhere in an expensive beach front apartment? We need to use common sense and basic financial education to figure out.

However, if you’d like to get started with a reliable Bitcoin and other altcoins investment operation for profits, join the rest of us here.

If not, you could just trade Bitcoins for profits using regulated broker platforms. If you somehow don’t have any idea on how to go about this, get properly educated first and then go make your profits. Review

When you look at the numbers, you will begin to get the sensation that this supposed investment operation is too good to be true.

We can never make 8% daily returns even if we combined trading with mining of Bitcoins and real estate investments together.

bitfinity roi

The other investment plan is promising 108% in 5 days. These far-fetched returns are ridiculous. Those numbers tell us that is a scam that abuses Cryptocurrencies.

Through lies and deception to manipulate newbies, Bitfinity believes that they can have their way and operate their shady investment scheme on the internet.

A quick background check on this domain reveals that it was first registered on July 2017 and updated on May 2018. This suggests that the domain changed hands from the previous anonymous owner to the new anonymous owner.

Now, think about it: just because they are promising big returns in a short period, some internet users might believe these lies without bothering to check if this website’s owner’s identity is known and whether their reputation can be proved.

It’s one of the scam indicators you should be looking for when judging similar operations.

Personally, I find that this is the biggest problem that has plagued the industry. We’ve poorly rated scams like Bitcoin Sprinker,, Bitcoin miner365, BTC Trade Farm and many others. Why? Because they promise big returns and yet their owners are anonymous and their operations are also not clear. There is always a sense of lack of security when thinking of these sites as an investment destination. Bitfinity is the latest to join the industry of scams that abuse Cryptocurrencies.

Bitfinity Review: No proof that ROIs are generated externally

Bitfinity does not prove to us that their ROIs are generated from trading, mining of Bitcoins and investments in real estate and ICOs. They claim on their site that they are able to generate big returns because they are diversifying investments.

But so far, Bitfinity is only operating like a ponzi hyip theme with no proof of income from external activities other than funds that get in when members join the shady website.

Bitfinity isn’t licensed

We checked and found that Bitfinity was popular in Russia. The site does not say whether it’s a company or not. They fail to disclose any identifying physical address as well as a regulator’s license authorizing them to invest their clients’ funds in trading and investment in ICOs. Therefore, even if this site was doing the right thing, it would still be illegal to operate such a website.

I was able to find their Facebook page though. But this social media page does not tell me anything about the credibility of the site.


You do not want to fall for a scam like They’ve proved that no mining or trading of Cryptocurrencies is going on here. They are definitely a ponzi scam.

I’d advice you to trade Bitcoins with regulated brokers instead. I’d also advice that you combine that with mining, which must only be done with reputable Bitcoin mining websites.

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