Bitech Cloud Mining Review: Scam Alert for


Welcome to Bitech cloud mining review. This is obviously a sub-domain of the website which primarily sells mining hardware to B2B and B2C consumers.

On the other hand, is the segment of the website that deals with Crypto currency cloud mining or so they claim.

The website Bitech Cloud Mining and its sister site,, claim to be owned and operated by Bitech Group.

The company claims to have established a presence in France (which is their HQ), US and Hong Kong.

Bitech Cloud Mining review

The company also claims that they are currently working with 75 staff members who consist of directors, investment managers, store consultants and a highly supportive sales team.

The faces of the team members have not been shown on their website. You must doubt whether there are real staff members behind the operations of this site.

Bitech Cloud Mining insist that they are offering mining plans at below market prices because they are able to maintain optimal rig functions while adhering to strict protection and security standards.

They boast of working towards reducing their electricity consumption too, which is allegedly one of the reasons they are selling hash power plans at unbelievably low prices.

Note: You could try trading Crypto currencies because mining of Bitcoin is increasingly getting difficult. Profit margins have been falling since the beginning of 2018. In 2019, you can’t make any reasonable returns unless you break the bank.

Bitech Cloud Mining Review

To establish whether or not this site is operating a scam job, we need to observe their way of operation, consumer feedback and promises.

With regards to the promises they make, Bitech Cloud Mining claims that they have outstanding support and are making mining of Bitcoin cheaper and more accessible to all kinds of investors.

Other benefits include the ability to mine a variety of Crypto currencies at the best prices. And they also claim to honor partnerships with attractive incentives.

Other services which they offer include Hosting, selling of mining rigs and hardware equipment.

Is Cloud Bitech Mining a scam?

It’s hard to tell at this point in time. However, there are a few things which we could consider red flags.

The first one has to be the pricing model which this website is using in the sale of their hash power plans.

For $54, the site claims that you will be awarded with 5 TH/s (TechShares) of mining power.

By contrast, the real cost of 5 TH/s of hash power is usually 0.246504 US Dollar (USD 978.67) as at the time of writing this review.

Therefore, if Bitech Cloud Mining is offering what you buy for 978USD at a cost of $54 only, there must be a problem.

No matter how efficient their miners are, I do not believe that this is a realistic cost of purchasing 5 Tech Shares.

I also don’t believe that the cost of electricity is so negligible that Bitech Cloud Mining can sell 5 TH/s of hashpower and still attain their profit margins.

There are two types of mining contracts. The first contract expires after a year while the second type of contract expires after 2 years.

In the second type of contract, 5 TH/s can be bought at a cost of $100. Again, this is simply too god to be true.

bitech cloud mining prices and cost of attaining 5THs

Considering the above image, you can clearly see that the cost is far below the average cost of purchasing 5 THs.

Clients can also customize their plans and order according to how much they are willing to invest.

I think this is the best plan to make use of if you want to test whether or not the site is a scam mining platform.

No consumer reviews for Bitech Cloud Mining

Usually a cloud mining website attracts a huge buzz in forums like BitcoinTalk.

HYIP monitors will also pick it up and start promoting it for commissions.

Before we know it, Google is flooded with fake reviews of the supposed Crypto currency cloud mining website.

As for, no such reviews can be found anywhere on the internet.

The absence of consumer feedback concerning this service means that it is a brand new service with no clients at all.

Investors are generally reluctant to try new Crypto currency cloud mining services which have no social recognition. I would also be scared to invest in such a platform.


Bitech could be trying to gain entry into an already saturated market but it could also be a scam.

I am not 100% confident. For that reason, I can’t risk my reputation recommending them. But of course those who have used it before can share with us their experience.

Thanks for reading this Cloud.bitech-mining review.