Review – A Scam Bitcoin Faucet

When you want to see how a scam Bitcoin faucet looks like, just go to and you will find what you are looking for. This review is actually a scam alert because the site intends to waste your time and ultimately rob you. But before they can do so, we have some nasty things to say about them.

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I have been reviewing genuine bitcoin investment sites here for a very long time. However, what baffles me is the rising number of scams operating in this area. BTC Trade Farm is one particular scam that gets peddled across the internet a lot. You will even see it in most comments sections of popular Bitcoin websites and investment forums like BitcoinTalk.

So here comes Bitcoin Sprinkler, a basic web theme that promises to reward visitors with ”free Bitcoins without work”.

Immediately when you see these promises, you have to ask yourself this question – is it really possible to earn free Bitcoins without any investment upfront?

By now, you should know that no good investment can come easy without doing some work or putting investments so it can yield a return.

bitcoinsprinkler scam not legit Review: Not Legit

You just have to look at the site to know that nothing serious can come out of a shady website like Bitcoin Sprinkler.

There are many lazy scammers out there. However, some scams are quite clever in the sense that they will do everything possible to suck you in. Bitcoin Miner 365 is an excellent example of a convincing site that does not truly mine Bitcoin.

Surprisingly, working with Bitcoin Sprinkler is very easy. No signing up is required. If you invited someone through your affiliate link, you are supposedly entitled to earn 50% of their earnings.

However, the funniest claim that BitcoinSprinkler is making is that investors can request for withdrawal after an interval of every 30 minutes.

For example, if you generate free Bitcoins now and ask for a withdrawal after 30 minutes, that withdrawal will be allegedly honored. But if you want to cash out again, you must wait for 30 minutes.

Also, Bitcoin Sprinkler claims that visitors will receive  1000–5000 milli-Satoshi after every 30 minutes which is a big fat lie.

Why is a scam

There are only 3 ways to generate Bitcoins for profits. You can mine them, trade them on a regulated broker’s platform or buy, hold and sell later (long term strategy).

If you do not understand what I am talking about, please review this course content and decided whether or not you want training in this area. I can help you with that.

By simply using common sense, we can know whether a site like Bitcoin Sprinkler is a scam.

First of all, does not disclose any information regarding its owner, their activities and so on.

There is no way we can contact the owner with questions. A Bitcoin address input bar has been provided though, where they can request you to input your BTC wallet address.

The site will probably fool you with fake bitcoins allegedly generated by their sprinkler nonsense. Then when you try to ”claim” the free Bitcoins, you will be asked to pay ”maintenance fees;” which after you have paid, you will never see your sprinkled Bitcoins or your fees. That’s it.

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