Review: Bit FX Market is Scam!

| | 0 Comments (Bit FX Market) claims to offer managed accounts in futures, commodities and global macro alternative investments.

Bit FX Market also claims to use experienced traders to monitor and trade efficiently. As a client, you will get access to reporting tools on your dashboard to monitor the progress of your account.

On the surface it sounds so easy and even fun. However, deep inside, you have to ask the hard questions before parting with your money.

Bit FX Market review

Bit FX Market sounds suspicious because of all the red flags that have marked their website. By the time you finish going through their website, you will have more questions than answers.

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Bit FX Market review

First of all, Bit FX Market claims that it is regulated by multiple financial regulators such as CySEC, FCA and Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

It also claims to operate under these company titles:

  • Bitfxmarket (Europe) Ltd
  • Bitfxmarket (UK) Ltd
  • Bitfxmarket AUS Capital Pty Ltd.

However, when I search for the background details for any of these companies, I find literally nothing. You try it yourself and you will see that none of the above companies have ever been registered anywhere, and so there is no way they can be regulated when they don’t exist in the first place.

Some of the advantages of using is that they don’t have hidden fees (just one time fee) and the ability to forecast returns and retirement spending needs using their proprietary model is all provided on the website.

They also claim that to get started, investors have to use their ”experienced team” to select their carefully vetted investments before the team can walk the investor through the account opening procedure. Once the necessary paper work is sorted, Bit FX Market will start trading right away.

This team is anonymous, and their trading background cannot be verified.

Bitcoinfxoption review – who they claim to be

They claim to be a legally registered trading company dealing in Forex, Crypto currencies and stocks.

Bitcoinfxoption allegedly uses the best cutting edge trading software, strategy and signals which generate maximum returns on a weekly and monthly basis.

Bitcoinfxoption allegedly focuses on the needs of the investor first. According to the promotion materials, they are focusing on safety, high returns, professionalism, low cost and transparency.

There is also reference to high frequency trading, top trading algorithm and programmers among other ”benefits”.

If you continue your way down the homepage, you will see a number of badges which appear to be endorsing or offering some sort of assurance that Bitcoinfxoption is a good investment platform.

The reality

Having examined Bit FX Market very keenly, I realize that this is just your typical scam. They are even using fabricated testimonials to fool their website visitors.

There are some people in the testimonial section who falsely claim that they have turned into millionaires as a result of trusting Bit FX Market with their financial decisions.

I honestly don’t believe these stories because their credibility is questionable.

Also, if Bit FX Market claims that they are in the business of trading on behalf of their investors, they should be able to show us some evidence of trading.

I am specifically looking for up to date verified trading results which is not available on this website. All investment managers are required to produce this kind of proof on their website.

That is why we have statement sharing websites like and

All traders who wish to manage funds for other people should use those platforms for this purpose. But Bit FX Market does not have any past performance, which essentially means they are looking to scam you.


Fake payment confirmations do not amount to anything genuine. But this is apparently the trick that Bit FX Market is using on their landing page to fool unsophisticated investors.

If you are looking for a real investment manager, I recommend that you click here and find out what that piece is talking about. In the meantime, just know that Bitcoinfxoption is a scam.

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