Bitcoin Super Trader Review: 214,725$ profit from 2,000$ Scam!


This Bitcoin Super Trader review is an in-depth analysis of a Bitcoin trading robot/EA worth $500 per license and has zero trading performance to justify that price tag.

The Bitcoin Super Trader sales page claims that the software turned $2,000 into $214,725 in 2017 but there is zero evidence to support that claim.

The seller is recommending Exness Classic account because they believe this broker and account has the best trading conditions which are optimal to the performance of this robot.

The vendor can be found on but claims that they are just distributors and do not own the software. Regardless, our bottom  line is that we need assurance that when we purchase a license for $500, the robot will work as claimed on the sales page.

If $500 seems like a lot of money to invest upfront on a robot whose performance standards are unknown, my recommendations is to pick any of these affordable but top performing Forex trading software. 

The Bitcoin Super Trader Review

The vendor of this product can be reached at for general questions and for support.

They are unknown, and their location is also unknown. Their trading or development experience is equally unknown.

The landing page does not have a lot of info pertaining to the working of this software except a short description of the strategy used by Bitcoin Super Trader and nothing more.

bitcoin super trader review

In the trading strategy section, what they tell us is that Bitcoin Super Trader exploits the high volatility in the Bitcoin market and secures the profits earned just in case an unexpected move happens.

They also tell us that it utilizes 3 different strategies to catch volatility while limiting risks. However, these 3 strategies have not been disclosed.

The other explanation is that Bitcoin Super Trader is able to trade when price of Bitcoin rises and falls.

I’d like to elaborate description of what these 3 strategies are and how they trade the Bitcoin market.

The vendor also tells us that Bitcoin Super Trader EA is limited in supply because only 3 licenses are available.

This is a sales tactic which is designed to push traders into making purchase decisions without first doing some background research on the Bitcoin Super Trader EA.

The fact is that it is a trick, and there are as many licenses as the internet user can buy.

Trading performance of Bitcoin Super Trader EA

For every review, I always insist on seeing trading results. This is the case with Bitcoin Super Trader EA which is presenting us with a link to a deleted myfxbook account. Why?

If the vendor truly believes that this expert advisor for trading Bitcoin is able to perform as claimed, why are they not giving us performance evidence? Why did they delete that account?

The reason is quite clear: the robot blew this trading account, and the vendor is simply not willing to display trading results from a ruined trading account.

Is Bitcoin Super Trader EA a scam?

Yes it is a scam, because even the super exaggerated returns which were realized from an investment capital of $2000 cannot be verified.

bitcoinsupertrader price

What is more, they are selling the robot for $500, which is beyond industry standards. Most shady Crypto currency bots don’t charge this much.


I don’t recommend Bitcoin Super Trader EA for the reasons which I just mentioned above. Lack of transparency and successful trading record is the main problem.

Meanwhile, I am pointing you in the right direction just in case you arrived here looking for a reliable Bitcoin trading bot. Visit this page.