Bitcoin Robot 24 Review – Bots of Bitcoin Scam


Welcome to the Bitcoin Robot 24 review. This review will expose the scam that is

The automated software is a cloud-based app for trading Cryptocurrencies, and the developer is saying that traders can either use the default settings for the robot or implement their own trading strategy.

What is suspicious about Bitcoin Robot 24 is that a license is going for $17. One might ask – how exactly can an automated trading bot for Cryptocurrencies cost $17 and make a lot of money for us?

The best Cryptocurrency trading bots have a monthly plan or a cost that is higher than $17. They don’t cost peanuts because the developers have put in some great work into their algorithm.

Bitcoin Robot 24 review

We want to mention that the robot is owned and operated by an anonymous developer.

I don’t know what kind of trading or development experience they have in this industry.

Bitcoin Robot24

In addition to this, I just discovered that this automated trading bot for Cryptocurrencies have been used many times before.

It is the usual suspect in scams like, Postero, the Calloway software, and many more.

The reason I am convinced that this robot loses money is because we have heard many stories of traders who lost money with the bot starting 2016.

Bitcoin Robot 24 is a white label which was used in the days of Binary Options. Now it is being used in Bitcoin trading where scammers lie that it will generate handsome profits when we know that it is just garbage.

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Bitcoin Robot 24 Review -A scam

As you can see, the landing page is listing down some generic robot features and expecting us to believe that these features are very unique.

They claim that the bot trades on both the bull and bear market. Aren’t all robots supposed to trade in either markets?

They claim that it is an automated trading bot for Cryptocurrencies but can trade a wide range of assets as well. Don’t be cheated because all robots do this.

And the flexible settings of the Bitcoinrobot24 are basically a selection of various trading indicators which are found on free charting solutions like Tradingview for free.

So there is nothing ground-breaking about this bot. It won’t make you money. The aim is to lead you to deposit some money with an unregulated broker.

There is nothing to marvel about in this software. Generic robots don’t make money.

BitcoinRobot24 Review – the conclusion

You cannot waste your $17 on a losing robot. Unless you want to donate that money to scammers, I generally don’t see the need to waste your resources on something that will ultimately ruin your trading account.

Having said that, if you still want to make money with Cryptocurrency trading, my honest suggestion is that you should consider the following: