Bitcoin Malay System Review: Scam at


Welcome to the Bitcoin Malay System review. The software can be downloaded on the domain, and the main thing is that it is fake.

There is a short video on the sales page of Bitcoin Malay System where the anonymous presenter claims that Malaysia is warming up to embracing Bitcoin with its legislation.

The sales page also claims that there are currently over 3000 people in Malaysia who are profiting with the Bitcoin Malay System.

Ultimately, Bitcoin Malay System website will invite you to open a ”free” account with trusted brokers.

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The site claims through the testimonials from alleged users that Bitcoin Malay System is making thousands of dollars every day.

One user even claimed that he made over $30,000 in one month and the figure is still growing, thanks to

The question is, can you get rich with a free software?

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Bitcoin Malay System review

We have said it again and again, that people cannot generate a fortune with Bitcoin in one night.

Regardless of whether or not the economies of the world adapt new legislation that embrace the use of Bitcoin, making a fortune from investing in Bitcoin is something that will take strategy and a long time.

So Bitcoin Malay System is a get rich quick scam. The promised returns are unrealistic and too good to be true.

By the way, this software is very common on the internet. We have reviewed it hundreds of times before.

Scammers love to recycle the software. In 2015, it was used to promote Binary Option scams.

Today, it’s used to promote Bitcoin scams. Believe it or not … this is the same software that was used in the Calloway Software,, Bitcoin Robot 24, Algorobotics, Ztrader, and many other generic versions of the same app.

Bitcoin Malay System Review – many lies

In the sales pitch, you will hear the presenter claiming that the price of Bitcoin has been rising steadily this year and that people will embrace it soon.

But this is not true. Price has been fluctuating since the beginning of the year. If we ignore the fact that Bitcoin has been on a downtrend for a better part of the year, we are lying to ourselves.

The Bitcoin Malay System is definitely misleading in its sales pitch. You cannot trust the statements and proclamations made on the video.

Bitcoin Malay System Review – Fake testimonials

There are many fake people who are endorsing Bitcoin Malay System on the sales page.

I am specifically concerned with the static photos on the site which can be verified as stock photos.

Bitcoin Malay System

Let’s take the example of this guy called ”Seri Bin Putri”. His photos are everywhere on the internet.

bitcoin malay system software testimonials

As you can see, the testimonials that back Bitcoin Malaysia System software are not authentic.

Bitcoin Malay System software owner

Now, the owner of the site and developer of the software claims to be Jasper Boyle. This name has been used several times before in other versions of the scam robot.

So clearly this means that the owner is mysterious for the simple reason that they want to scam you.

You should never use a trading robot where the developer is mysterious and their site is also filled with lies.

Bitcoin Malay System Software Review – the truth

At the end of the day, this software will prompt you to sign up with an unregulated broker for trading to commence.

The unregulated broker in question will ask you to deposit a minimum of $250 in order to activate this software.

Otherwise, you cannot use Bitcoin Malay System software.

However, even if you activate the robot, it still won’t generate any returns. It will start trading and losing money instead.

Ultimately, it stops trading when you have a zero account balance.

That’s why we want you to consider trading with regulated brokers.

Bitcoin Malay System Review – the conclusion

This website is going to steal your money using the fake robot which they claim will generate revenue from Bitcoin trading. The returns are abnormal, and that’s a red flag.

Stay away from this generic scam.