Bitcoin-fund-manager Review: Scam Telegram,YouTube Operation


I am reviewing, a deceptive Cryptocurrency trading operation run by someone who is a master of internet fraud in the name of helping people invest in Bitcoin.

If you don’t want to lose your money, invest your Crypto currency with this service. They offer 25% monthly return, trading the Crypto currency market and they certainly don’t make unrealistic claims, plus investor feedback/reviews is really good. Oh, the minimum investment of about 0.1 BTC is quite affordable.

Bitcoin-fund-manager Review: The YouTube Scam

The website Bitcoin-fund-manager is marketed through a number of social media channels including YouTube, Twitter, and many other mediums, not to forget that the owner of Bitcoin Fund Manager is also running a free wordpress blog at

He is smart, eloquent and deceptive. Going through his website at will give the impression that the operation is managed by skilled Cryptocurrency traders. In fact, it takes a trained eye to know that this is just a clever operation meant to align the pockets of a well-known Korean-American scammer.

The owner of has several aliases which include Bob Kim, Bob Wan Kim, Bobby Kim, John Bobby Kim, Qi-Wan Kim, Wan-Qi Kim and Wan-Lai Chen.

bitcoin fund manager twitter

He is accepting a minimum of 10 BTC from victims but claiming that because of a rare promotion which he is running on his site, he will be accepting less than 10 BTC for a short period of time.

I have been monitoring this website for some time now and I noticed that this promotion never ends. It is just a tactic to make naive investors send Bitcoins, hoping to take advantage of the ”rare promotion” before it ends.

Bitcoin Fund Manager: Make a profit 24 hours a day

The site is professional and very persuasive. There is a tag line that says ”make money 24 hours a day, Crypto never sleeps but you should. Hire to trade for you 24/7.”

Take note that there is a link that says ”Apply Now”. It is like begging the scammer to take you in and yet we know very well that all investment programs don’t need anyone to apply. A legitimate Bitcoin fund manager will ask you to create an account. No applications needed. This is not a job vacancy.

I understand that this is a trick to try and deceive naive investors into believing that Bitcoin Fund Manager is offering a rare opportunity. I am surprised that people still sign and to get scammed.

The lie

We trade your coins for you. They stay on your own exchange accounts. You never give us your passwords. We remote control trade for you 24h a day no matter where on earth you are.

Our relationships in Wall Street, DC, Silicon Valley, Yeouido Korean Legislators, and other key sectors give us a unique ability to make smart trades for you. New laws, hacks, regulations, fake news, PR attacks from banks, and a myriad of other factors impact the value of your holdings. Our mission is to gather valuable data and make the trades that drive you profits.

At this point, you’ll have a list of questions. Keep scrolling down. We will answer most of them here. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

The language keeps getting better

There is an ”initiation fee” where the scammer behind Bitcoin Fund manager demands that unsuspecting victims pay anywhere between 7% to 14% of the intended investment capital in order to get admission into the investment program.

bitcoin fund manager

The minimum deposit is anywhere between 10 BTC to 80 BTC. The higher the deposit, the lower the initiation fee gets. This scammer has nothing to lose. Just keep this in mind. And in another part of the website, he claims that once investors have gained trust in the Bitcoin-fund-manager operation, they can send the invested amount to the scammer himself instead of keeping it in their own exchange where it can be traded by an API.

bitcoin fund manager cryptocurrency

The initiation fee is supposed to be paid through a Bitcoin wallet address which can be found on a Google form attached to the website. A 30% commission is also charged on profits based on High Water Mark. cannot produce proof of earning claims

There are several videos including a blog that helps boost the ranking of Through these YouTube videos, the scammer claims that he predicted the growth of a Crypto currency $CNN. They claim that they bought low and sold when the price was over $1,100.

There is no evidence of the same except through videos that have been manipulated and posted on YouTube to trick naive investors who think they can get rich overnight.

Another supposed proof of performance is in form of a screenshot that has been posted on their blog where we see people claiming that Bitcoin-fund-manager is the real deal.

This kind of screenshot is easily manipulated by adobe photoshop software but to the untrained eye, this can look real.

In short, there is no audited trading performance to prove that Bitcoin-fund-manager is making profits for its investors.

Negative reviews against

There are so many negative reviews against Bitcoin-fund manager. Of course this scammer makes a lot of money, so they easily bribe forum moderators to allow them post fake positive reviews.


Enough has been said about Bitcoin-fund-manager. It’s up to you to decide. A service like Topedgefx is offering modest returns and trading client funds in a realistic way. They are not vague about their service and they certainly don’t hunt investors with aggressive promotion and fake reviews,. You are better off investing your Crypto currencies using this service.