Bitcoin Evolution Review: Is Scam?


A scam is doing rounds by the name Bitcoin Evolution. The domain where the site is hosted at can be found at

According to the marketing material on the site, bitcoinevolution can make unlimited profits and is 100% free to use.

The question is whether you can make ”unlimited” profits with a free app like Bitcoin Evolution.

To start with, the grammar on this website is nauseating. But I will try and not let their grammar interfere with my review because am basically concerned with things like proof of trading success and whether the anonymous developer behind this trading program is giving us the real deal or a generic trading app.

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Bitcoin evolution review

The website where Bitcoin Evolution is hosted at was created in August 2015 but according to Alexa, the traffic that comes to the website is insignificant.

The app which they are promoting is allegedly for trading Crypto currencies and Forex CFDs.

Bitcoin Evolution

The website does not provide specifics on what we can earn from this app or even how the app manages to make money.

The trading strategy is so vague because according to the site’s marketing material, we learn that Bitcoin Evolution follows trends.

I’m definitely not expecting such a shallow explanation from a vendor who claims their app can make unlimited amounts of profits. It sounds vague.

I am treating it as if no trading strategy was provided.

Why Bitcoin Evolution is a scam!

A closer look into this operation reveals that the app has been recycled countless times and used by con artists to trick new traders into depositing money with unregulated brokers.

Bitcoin Evolution has been used under different brand names and domains.

This software is known for gambling and losing money to unregulated brokers who then split it between fake software vendors and themselves.

Yes it can trade automatically but this does not mean it will make money consistently.

According to a table entitled ”Last activity with Bitcoin Evolution”, we see a list of alleged trades and the profits that were realized from this software.

You can rest assured that this information is fake. The profits are fake. You don’t need to think hard to learn that this software has no verified trading performance to back the promises which are contained in the marketing materials.


The decision on whether or not to use Bitcoin Evolution lies with you. But in my opinion, this is a scam.

We have seen it many times. It has been re-branded several times. But rest assured that it is the same thing as Dax Robot, Bitcoin Super Trader, 1000 Bitcoin Trading robot among others.

Stay away from Bitcoin Evolution. There are many good trading bots that can be used for Bitcoin automated trading but not this scam. Invest in those apps.