Bitcoin Doubler Review: Scam (Updated)


Bitcoin investment and overnight riches is just an illusion. Scammers, on the other hand, are ripping it big because they know that people are ignorant when it comes to matters related to Bitcoin investment.

If you have no idea how Bitcoin investments work, don’t rush to sign up at or any other website that is purporting to double your Bitcoin investments in a few hours.

In fact, BTC Robot, Bitcoin Wealth Club, iCoin Market are using the same tactic where investors are promised that their Bitcoin will be doubled in the blink of an eye.

You see, most of these ”money-making opportunities” are just over-promising. They are selling unrealistic promises which cannot be achieved in crypto-currency investments or any other legitimate business operation on the internet.

That’s why this review is focusing on Bitcoin Doubler. If you want to invest here, read this review to be certain whether or not your investments will bring the promised returns.

Nota Bene: The owner of is also operating the same business using the domain name Bitcoin Doubler fund uses the same template as Bitcoin Doubler expert and makes the same promises too.

bitcoin doubler expert review

bitcoin doubler fund scam statistics and website

In fact, Bitcoin Doubler Fund is a photocopy of the original site. Both sites are heavily advertised using Google ads.

If you search the term ”Bitcoin Doubler”, you will most definitely see either of these two sites on top of the search results. The owner simply collects money from the public and uses it to promote his corny business.

Note: If you’re looking for a reliable cloud mining company, start here.

So, before I can proceed with this review, I would like you to read this post, which is about Bitcoin Doubling sites and their legitimacy. Probably it will shine light on these scams and help you become more defensive when it comes to ”investing your money” to these Bitcoin Doubling scams.

Bitcoin Doubler Review: Can you double your Bitcoin Instantly?

Bitcoin Doubler is a new website — just like many other crypto-currency websites that I have reviewed here before.

The website was registered in November 2017. But details about its owner is considered a closely guarded secret. This lack of disclosure of crucial information is disturbing. It is already raising suspicion because if they were legit, they would not have hidden their identities.

The only thing we know is that Bitcoin Doubler is based out of Panama. That is what their data is suggesting.

The physical address of this business is listed as 78 Canterbury Rd, Sunderland, United Kingdom. You can see it on the website but not on

This is a sharp contradiction because the owner is using a Panama-based physical address but on the website, they are using a totally different address. Could it be that Bitcoin Doubler has two offices, one in the US and another in the UK? We highly doubt.

And if that was the case, they would have provided the relevant company registrations for both jurisdictions. I will be coming to this shortly.

As it currently stands, I can say that details of this company were not disclosed properly. So the first hint of a scam is this: I don’t know the owner, employees or anyone that is associated with Bitcoin Doubler. But keep in mind that this company still expects you to make payment in Bitcoin. This is highly suspicious.

bitcoin doubler review

The promise made by Bitcoin Doubler (fund)

When I looked at their website, the first thing that hit me was the promised 200% return on investment, because Bitcoin is growing in both volume and price.

This website claims that they have a 10 hour investment plan which they are offering buyers. But it is not immediately clear whether the 200% investment on return will be realized after 10 hours or after one month of investing with them. These details are very obscure by the way.

I suspect that Bitcoin Doubler is highly interested in keeping it ‘grey’ so that you will never know what is happening. If they explicitly stated that they were giving 200% monthly return on investment, you’d question their legitimacy. If they said 200% a day, you’d say that this is unrealistic. What about 200% per year? Some people would still say that this is small profits compared to companies that are offering up to 400% per year (all these are scams though).

The point is, regardless of whether Bitcoin Doubler expert is offering 200% daily or monthly return on investment, no legitimate business can make that profit within a short period of time. It is not possible to make 200% return on investment in Bitcoin mining right away. Of course you’d make that return, but in a very very long time. There is no secret to getting wealthy fast.

This is the first sign that should tell you that this is a scam. It is not possible to even achieve these returns on a consistent basis. Maybe it can be out of luck. But that does not mean that you will always pocket 200% return on investment.

The truth is that this is a bait which Bitcoin Doubler website is using to lure investors who are grey in this area. That is why I said you should not fund any account with these guys if you know nothing about Bitcoin investments.

Nevertheless, the website is proclaiming that their platform is user-friendly and that anyone can invest because they are handling all other Bitcoin mining operations on behalf of the client. That is true. But it does not mean that you will make a profit.

How it works against your favor

I see that the minimum investments which they are asking for here is 0.02 BTC. The maximum is 10 BTC. 0.02 BTC is around $200 if converted into dollar currency going by the current BTC rates.

That can be cheap or expensive depending on your financial status. But you have to realize one thing. Losing $200 when you have not planned for that loss is a stupid way of handling your money.

Can you recover it once it is sent to the Bitcoin Doubler bank account? No way. If you send this money to them, you will never recover it, and here’s why:

You see, Bitcoin and any other transaction that was done in crypto-currency can never be reversed. That is why once your payment is sent to the provided Bitcoin address, you have a zero chance of getting it back.

Transaction history

As a show of credibility, Bitcoin Doubler expert has decided to publish a supposed transaction history which shows Bitcoin that was invested and paid out in profits. Is there anything that can legitimize these payouts? Is there some kind of rubber stamp proof that this list of Bitcoin payments is authentic?

bitcoin doubler transcations

I am afraid that the answer to the above questions is a big No. Besides, you can see that some dates are hidden while others are visible. I don’t know for what purpose this website chose to hide some dates when the various transactions allegedly happened. I can only ask more questions because scams always want to keep you guessing rather than helping you know what is going on.

So basically, wants you to believe that they have the most powerful mining technology ever that can generate 200% return on investment in a short time.

They explain that their automated systems gather data from the blockchain transfers and studies price variations of different crypto-currencies to predict the future price of Bitcoin.

The company also claims that their system opens and closes thousands of transactions by the minute, and that this information is normally used by their system to make profit that no one else is making in Bitcoin mining.

This description sounds generic. It is quite shallow. Of course every other Bitcoin mining operation is doing this kind of thing on the internet. Is there any uniqueness here? So, how come that this system is able to double your Bitcoin in no time when legitimate mining operations are only turning in modest and realistic profits? I found myself wondering.

Why Bitcoin Doubler Expert website is running an illegal operation

If this website is registered under financial service and they are actually offering investment services, then why is it that they do not have any license or authorization from the government of those jurisdiction where they operate from?

The simply fact of the matter is that this website is operating an illegal business, period!

Wrapping it up

In my opinion, I don’t think that Bitcoin Doubler expert or Bitcoin Doubler Fund is really doubling people’s investments. You won’t double any Bitcoin here. I even doubt it when they say that they will make profits for you. To me, this seems too good to be true. I have never seen or heard real people in the flesh doubling their Bitcoins with these sites. Instead, I have heard so many different accounts of people who lose money to these sites.