BitClub Network Reviews: Trusted Mining Site or Scam?


Let’s go straight to the point, shall we? Everyone is asking whether BitClub Network is a trusted cloud mining site. My take is that BitClub Network is a ponzi scheme and definitely not a legit cloud mining platform. So in this BitClub Network review, I will basically support this assertion with factual information.

BitClub Network Review: who are these guys?

BitClub.Network is basically telling its audience that they are running a shared mining pool where every ‘investor’ can get their piece of the pie.

Their tag line states that Bitclub Network is the most innovative and lucrative way to make Bitcoins.

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This self-assertion suggests that the platform is backed by high-tech mining hardware which is giving them a significant advantage compared to their competitors.

The site boasts of having multiple mining pool locations across the globe, yet they are forgetting the fact that they mentioned Iceland as their only mining location.

bitclub network review

This is the first cloud mining platform that is allegedly issuing payouts into your customized debit card.

BitClub.Network mining pool is listed at but claims that their mining pool attracts zero fees.

They also claim to use STRATUM pool mining software which powers the mining algorithm used by this platform.

There are 2 other domains associated with BitClub Network. These include and These two sites share the same logo as that of BitClub.Network.

It appears that at one point, this platform was promising members 1000 per day ROI. That has since changed since the site is now making it clear that no profits can be guaranteed.

At the same time, they are encouraging more people to sign up because they are offering a unique earning opportunity like no other.

Basically, they are merging network marketing with the world of Cryptocurrencies and telling us that this is a unique concept.

BitClub.Network Reviews: Fake testimonials

When we look at this site, we can see many scamming elements therein. These issues continue to riddle the face of this project notwithstanding the fact that their blockchain is already listed at

Their testimonials are equally suspicious as the picture of ”Amy Albescu” who is allegedly from Romania is from someone whose profile is listed at

You will notice that this picture has since been removed because the issue was brought to light. Now they are probably looking for the next picture they can find to replace it with or leave the spot blank altogether.

Most pictures have since been replaced with those belonging to people we do not know. Initially, there was someone called ”Mike Jones”. It was removed.

Not so long ago, this site had unknowingly put up a picture of an Indian suspected rapist. This picture too has since been pulled down.

BitClub Network Owner

It’s very interesting to see that a Cryptocurrency cloud mining platform that is supposed to be legit is doing all it can to build credibility.

The problem is that when credibility is built the wrong way, it often results in the damage of reputation.

And that is exactly what BitClub Network has been aspiring to do, not knowing that these old-school tricks are doing more harm to them than good.

The BitClub Network website does not intend to post any contact or identifying info because this would put the owner at great risk of being apprehended.

That authorities can’t arrest whoever is behind this site in the 21st century is unheard of.

But it certainly adds a basic layer of security (thus giving them a sense of anonymity) which can be difficult to penetrate if you’re the average victim of an internet ponzi scheme. data suggests that this site was registered in December 2014 by an entity known as BitClub Network.

The registered address of this business is 13 Banul Andronache St Sector 1, Bucharest, Romania 011663. A phone number and support email has also been listed alongside other details of the business.

The only thing that has not been listed here is the name of the  domain registrant. Like most scams in the Cryptocurrency mining space, this is yet another proof that Bitclub Network isn’t engaging in legitimate mining operations.

BitClub Network Reviews and consumer feedback

I must confess once more than these guys are upgrading their game as time goes by.

You will not find any promised return on investment or figures throughout the site. But these figures used to exist at some point.

It quickly got BitcoinTalk community discussing whether or not the BitClub Network was legit.

The platform has dispatched a team of highly skilled promoters who are clearly versed with creative ways of responding to forum attacks.

At the slightest provocation, one of the promoters will step up to defend BitClub Network. They will give more reasons as to why they are not ponzi schemes, yet their presentation is suggesting that they are actually a full-blown ponzi scheme.

There is irrefutable proof that this is a pyramid scheme. Let’s discuss one of the proofs below.

A referral network and compensation plan

You cannot join this ”cloud mining platform” if you have not been ”sponsored” by an existing member.

Sponsoring is another less aggressive way of talking about referrals. The site insists that if you do not have the referrer’s affiliate URL, you cannot join the team.

bitclub network reviews

So that proves that BitClub Network is interested in building a pyramid where majority of earnings will be coming from new deposits.

There is no evidence to suggest that these folks own mining hardware situated in Iceland.

So we cannot even talk of mining Bitcoins using green energy sources. It is just a lie.


It appears that this is a sophisticated ponzi scheme since it is backed by a credible blockchain record, surprisingly.

The MLM scam will continue to be there as long as more ”fresh blood” keeps flowing in to fund the activities of this pyramid scheme.

But when enough people discover that BitClub Network is a crooked operation like this corny platform, they will stop funding them. At that point, it will go down with peoples’ funds.