Bitclub Advantage Academy Review -Risky Investment Program


In this review, we will be discussing what Bitclub Advantage Academy is. For the last 6 months, the website has been operating with the domain but has since changed to BitclubAdvantage.Academy. 

It is not yet clear why they did away with the dot com extension and instead replaced it with the name ‘Academy’.

Bitclub Advantage Academy is allegedly a multi-faceted Cryptocurrency investment platform where investors can find education materials and have their funds managed by their supposed professional traders.

I am quite skeptical concerning the operations of this service. The question that readers are asking is whether Bit club Advantage Academy is a feasible investment solution.

Thankfully, after doing some tough work in investigating this matter, I have found questionable elements that should definitely worry you.

What elements exactly? That is what we are getting into.

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Bitclub Advantage Academy Review: scam or legit?

Unlike many suspicious investment platforms in this space, Bit Club Advantage is allegedly offering their investors the chance to join the ”largest school of traders”, an assertion that we cannot verify.

The way I see it is that this is an affiliate market place offering both investment solutions and educational courses but with focus on MLM business approach.

It is allegedly a platform that was founded by a team of ”experienced professional traders”.

bitclub advantage academy review

Please understand that no information regarding the alleged experienced professional traders has been disclosed anywhere on the site.

Since no names have been mentioned, we cannot authenticate their profiles. On top of that, this platform is not backed by any corporate entity.

Bitclub Advantage Academy claims that their goal is to enrich their investors through continuous buying and selling of Cryptos for profits.

This ”team of traders” would analyze the market and provide profitable trading signals to their users.

Unfortunately, these folks don’t say which brokerages they are investing funds with.

If this information was available, I’d simply contact the brokerage in question and ask whether Bitclub Advantage Academy was their customer.

No mention of Cryptocurrency exchanges too. If these exchanges were mentioned, it would be a matter of verifying that information from the exchange itself.

Last but not least, the site does not make any reference to return on investments.

Bitclub Advantage Academy Review: Unverified statistics

This site tells us that their business is operational in some 60 countries, and that they have since opened more than 8,000 user accounts who are actively investing with them.

To top it off, they claim that this platform currently has 98 professional traders. But as mentioned earlier, this is something we cannot confirm.

So there is no need to dwell so much on unverifiable statistics published on the site for the sake of fooling investors.

How exactly does this work?

Do not be surprised that the operations of Bitclub Advantage Academy is as vague as the description can get.

This anonymous market place for Cryptocurrency investing is putting more focus in their affiliate business model than on anything else.

For one to participate, they must sign up and purchase a plan. Once payment has been made, the new member will begin receiving income based on their efforts in attracting new members who actually deposit funds in the name of purchasing membership plans.

Every member is also entitled to receiving Cryptocurrency courses where they can allegedly learn all facets of Cryptocurrency investing.

We should not agree with the claim that our deposits will be handled professionally if there is no proof or track record.

Since more emphasis is being placed on their affiliate business model where new members must attract new depositors to earn an interest, we can assume that Bitclub Advantage Academy is yet another established ponzi scheme in 2018.

Basically, this service has stated that it will provide its investors with 89 investment plans – something that I could not verify because it’s secret.

It has also stated that it will provide an E-book which consists of advanced Cryptocurrency trading lessons.

The platform is anonymous because no ownership information has been revealed. There is no corporate information to back their practices either.

Bitclub Advantage Academy review: an illegal service

One thing you should take note of is that a professionally managed investment fund is an entity that should be regulated and have their professional traders licensed for the activities which they partake in using client funds.

The platform should have a track record that dates back to at least 1 year of providing good service.

And of course we need to find a way to verify the stats that have been published in this site. That way, we can determine whether or not the site in question is legit.

Unfortunately, Bitclub Advantage Academy came online in July 28th, 2017. Back then, they were known as Bit Club Advantage.

Most domains never live to see their first birthday, and so I suspect that Bitclub Advantage Academy will go down with investor funds before the year ends.

Just to be sure that we are basing these assertions and arguments on facts alone, I want you to consider the following things:

The red flags

Bitclub Advantage Academy is both deceptive and evasive when it comes to stating the obvious. Instead of confessing that they are an affiliate market place, they tell us that they manage investor funds and also offer educational courses.

Look at how blatant their site is with errors. I caught at least one instance where the word Cryptocurrency was written as Criptocurrency.

bitclubadvantage academy

That tells me that the operator of this site is not keen with details. There is no way someone who is not keen with details will ever make you any profits.

I am forced to think that this is a run of the mill ponzi scheme because no identifying information has been included on the site.

To make matters worse, the site owner prefers to use anonymous communication channels through email [email protected] instead of making use of a phone number.

And of course database can reveal that the crooks behind this site opted to register the domain privately. That means the owner cannot be identified.


I want to believe that this Bitclub Advantage Academy review has covered the most important aspects of the site.

I see that the site is quite popular in Nigeria, Brazil, Italy, Tanzania and South Africa. Please, if you’re coming from these countries, know that Bitclub Advantage Academy is a ponzi scheme.