BitAI Review: Scam or Legit Token Sale?

| | 0 Comments offers a product known as BitAI and hopes that price will increase to $1000 from the current price of $1. If this is not a joke, then I don’t know how to describe it. I shall go ahead and review this website and its offering anyway.

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BitAI review: Is Bitainetwork any sensible?

To answer that question, I’d start by mentioning the products and ways through which investors can allegedly earn with this site.

Basically, you can mine, stake, lend or choose to participate in the pool to make 1.53% daily profits.

The site has allegedly created a special digital wallet for those who want to hold and earn interest from the coin.

bitai review and earning

BitAI token can also be sold when price increases. This will be possible when they finally list it at Beware of an exchange like Gatehub though.

The mining pool is allegedly best for retirees, families or those who are interested in generating passive returns. If you are a high net worth individual, this plan is supposed to be the most appropriate investment of all.

And finally, the site also claims that they’ve launched an artificially intelligent robot known as Bit AI. With its ”ground-breaking” technology, you are supposed to make more wealth using this software.

When I checked whether or not these Tokens were still available for purchase, I discovered that the ICO had been sold out already.

The last price at which this Token was sold at was $1.05. But when you look at the roadmap, you will see that this website is claiming that price will miraculously increase to $1000 before end of this year.

Why BitAI is just BS/scam

Instead of sugar-coating the real issue, let’s just announce it in black and white that this website is a dubious investment scheme.

These busy bodies who call themselves professional Bitcoin traders or experts know nothing about demand or supply principles that will allegedly drive the price of BitAI token.

bitAI legit or scam

There is no real product or service that backs this token either. As such, you cannot be sure that what you are buying will really prove to be profitable if you buy now and decide to sell later on.

To me, Bitainetwork is a scam investment. There is no difference between this project and Envion for instance. They use the same vibe to collect money from members of the public in the name of ICOs or Tokens.

By the way, this should be a highly regulated space. But most scam sites claim that professional Bitcoin experts are behind their activities, and that you should definitely buy the token, hold, trade or do whatever to earn consistent money. That’s misleading advice.

My best advice for you

Bitainetwork is probably a trial and error project where they do the same thing that thousands of scam token sale sites are doing just to see if they will go anywhere.

It does not matter whether they have a whitepaper or not. Just look at the supposed monthly returns from trading which is 46%. Isn’t this ridiculousness?

Who owns BitAI? Well, that question has been answered in a vague manner. Instead of telling investors who is behind all this, they claim that the owners of Bit Artificial Intelligence is you and me, the holder.

Did that statement answer the question of whether or not BitAI is a scam? Absolutely not.

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