Biotech Breakouts: of Kyle Dennis, Sniper Report and Black Optics

Are you looking for an unbiased review of the Biotech Breakouts Sniper Report? Do you want to know who this Kyle Dennis is and whether he can be trusted? And finally, are you only interested in his Black Optics product and wouldn’t mind learning about his other products and what he has done with his life as a ‘successful’ stock trader’ before?

Welcome to the Biotech Breakouts Sniper Report review. I will talk about Kyle Dennis himself and his two products namely Black Optics and the Biotech Breakouts Sniper Report.

First of all, I want you to know that Kyle Dennis is a very popular figure in the stock trading community but the main reason why this is so is because he claims to be an ex-apprentice of Jason Bond Picks, a supposed stock trader who claims to have made over $26,000,000 million but has zero verified trading results to prove so.

Now, Kyle Dennis also claims to have turned $15,000 into over 1 million in just 2 years. And then he claims to have won a brand new Porsche from Jason Bond Picks, his mentor.

Like his ‘master’ Jason Bond Picks, Kyle Dennis has zero verified trading performance and will only continue to give his massive audience the usual stock trading mumbo jumbo.

This is ridiculousness, and I am wondering if there is any law in the world that protects against financial stupidity where financial lemmings throw themselves off a financial cliff because they got convinced by a puppet master of the prospects of turning $15,000 into 1 million in 2 years. How sad?

For a moment, let’s think about Kyle Dennis and his ‘magnificent’ product offering which portrays him as some sort of a financial  clairvoyant.

This guy claims to have been taught by an already verified dubious character and a fraud. So how can it be possible that you could make a million dollars by trading penny stocks under his guidance?

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Biotech Breakouts Review

Biotech Breakouts offers the ‘magical’ Black Optics trading system which can allegedly multiply your account 10 fold.

Kelly claims that Black Optics is his simple and yet bulletproof trading system. The motto of this website is ”clarity amongst the chaos.”

So if the stocks market seems complex, Black Optics will just narrow the focus while accelerating your performance to 10X your trading account.

biotech breakouts review

There is no prior experience needed in order to trade the penny stock market like a bad-ass. Wow!

Through the Biotech Breakouts’ landing page, Kyle is attracting the masses and giving them a bonus which includes 10 crucial trading lessons as well as his next trade which he believes will have enormous potential to generate massive profits.

He goes on to show us screenshots of his supposed tax returns and yes, you can also replicate those returns and file taxes like Kyle Dennis does it.

There are also a few testimonials from supposed students of Kyle Dennis where anonymous people claim to have generated outrageous returns from Kyle Dennis’ trading products.

As usual, these testimonials can’t be verified and in fact the whole thing appears to have been fabricated.

Biotech Breakouts Sniper Report

The Biotech Breakouts Sniper Report is yet another ridiculous product by Kyle Dennis.

Having believed that Kyle is a financial genius, subscribers are ushered into a new monthly report which cherry-picks the best signals. These signals allegedly have the capacity to double or triple your account monthly.

Honestly it’s hard to tell where the financial bullshitery ends and where the truth begins.

But I have a feeling that this is a very ridiculous type of operation, and I go by the clues that Kyle Dennis and Jason Bond leaves behind.

In my opinion, the greatest clue is Kyle’s style of marketing to a naive audience.

Let’s review some promises which we find in the Biotech Breakouts Sniper Report sales pitch:

This is my most valuable trading newsletter I have ever created. It was strategically developed to only deliver high probable trades with the power to make 100%, 200% 300% return on each trade.

If we can make as much as 300% in one trade by just following the Biotech Breakouts Sniper Report, we can be the richest folks on earth.

Every month, I will be using the same techniques I used to make over $3 million dollars to screen and find only the best possible trades signals to share with you.

The more I go through the sales page of Biotech Breakouts Sniper Report, the more I find ridiculousness.

I wonder whether there are still people who are this gullible on the internet.

You see, to succeed in any form of trading, you have to avoid ‘trading gurus’. Avoid anything that has too good to be true numbers which cannot be independently verified.

In this case, the profits are superfluous and the marketing pitch is fine-tuned to sound exactly the way you want it.

I am not surprised that many people are eager to know what Biotech Breakouts Sniper Report is and how it can help them make their ‘first million dollar’. They are even looking for a promo code.

Biotech Breakouts Sniper Report
Unverified trading outcome

Who is Jason Bond?

Many people would like to believe his quaint narrative of how he turned from a broker gym teacher of an elementary school to a financial wizard making millions of dollars trading penny stocks.

He has been telling his audience that since 2012, he has made over $26,000,000 trading stocks. But how much of this is truth and how much is false?

In my opinion, I can’t tell where the truth begins.

Mr. Jason, the mentor of Kyle Dennis, the supposed stock trading guru, claims that he was invited to speak at Harvard University.

Now, that sounds great to the financially naive. But little do they know that the financial provost, Dr. Alan Garber Ph.D. has confirmed that he has never invited Mr. Jason to speak at Harvard.

Jason has never received an invitation to speak at Harvard University. Anyone speaking at Harvard must receive an invitation from the Provost, period.


You can now see the kind of tricks that Kyle Dennis and Mr. Jason are playing with their audience.

Ultimately, I leave it in your hands to decide whether Kyle and his Biotech Breakouts Sniper Report is the real deal or not.

Trading involves your money, and before you commit to following any investment advice or financial trickery such as Try Day Trading, you must do due diligence first.

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