Big Bull FX Robot Review: Is It The Best Forex Robot in the World?


This Big Bull FX robot review is a must-read for anyone contemplating to use the robot. There are currently many reviews of the BigBull FX EA out there. In fact, there is also a YouTube review of the same product as well.

It’s not easy to determine who is speaking the truth and who is being dishonest for selfish reasons.

However, in this Big Bull FX robot review, I will assess the software based on its features and true performance. My review is basically objective and inspired by facts as opposed to assumptions.

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Big Bull FX robot review

Is This Forex Robot the best in the world?

To answer this question, I’d start by discussing the features as highlighted on the homepage where the robot is being sold at.

According to the vendor, Big Bull FX robot is designed and optimize for these 5 Forex instruments — EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, AUDUSD and XAUUSD.

The Big Bull FX Forex robot works with every broker who has an MT4 platform.

bigbullfx ea review

It is supposed to work under every trading circumstance because its algorithm is apparently intelligent and flexible enough to adapt to the changing market conditions.

Now, that is a statement that we can only confirm when we get to test the software. As it currently is, I cannot verify the truthfulness of the statement. It could just be a marketing ploy.

The other seemingly outstanding feature of the Big Bull FX robot EA is that it preserves capital with its optimized and tested trading logic.

The developer is reassuring us that this Forex robot has a 100% preservation rate of trading capital.

I do not know how this can be possible because judging by the provided trading results, I have every reason to believe that this robot is a scalper, just like Euro Scalper Pro or even the Dynamic Pro Scalper EA.

According to the developer, the average length of time that it takes for trades to close in profit is 2 hours.

Unfortunately, they have not yet provided a link to their myfxbook account to help us confirm this statement.

In as much as they claim that Big Bull FX Forex robot was designed with an intelligent trading logic and a revolutionary algorithm, there is no mention of the exact trading methodology that is being employed here to make it the self-proclaimed money-making machine.

BigBull FX robot Review: Trading performance

This is where we will be asking the hard questions to gauge the accuracy of all statements that were made during the sales pitch.

First of all, the vendor is claiming that BigBull FX robot was designed with an incredible profit factor that allows it to reach 530% monthly profit.

There is a statement on the landing page which says that ”BigBull FX EA made 530% last month”.

big bull fx robot ea trading performance

This is to say that if you had invested $1000, you’d be $5,300 richer by the end of that month.

I’d certainly love to see these results in a myfxbook platform where they are tracked live.

This is the only way to confirm whether Big Bull FX robot EA is able to yield that kind of return rate.

So far, the vendor has only provided a couple of screenshots which are suggesting that this Forex robot could be the best in the world.

The first back-testing report was supposedly conducted on a platform called Quant Analyzer where we are told that the average win rate for this robot would have been 61% on all the 5 trading instruments.

The profit curve is actually climbing in a steep manner. Now, you have to remember that this is back-tested results, not live results from a myfxbook account.

However, one of the screenshots suggest that BigBull FX robot EA was tested on a broker’s platform (IC Markets) for the pair XAUUSD.

From this screenshot, we can clearly see that the robot was trading on the 1m time frame, yet the vendor tells us on the site that this isn’t a scalper.

big bull fx ea performance

And of course there are also a few conflicting reports with regards to draw down, gross profit and time frame.

Besides, there are several income claim statements on this website which I have not been able to verify. For instance, the vendor claims that this EA has realized $17,540 so far. But no trading results have been provided to verify the claims.

The fact that a myfxbook link wasn’t provided is an indication that the vendor isn’t willing to go an extra mile to prove the efficacy of the BigBull FX robot EA. It is not safe to rely on back-tests only.

Pricing of Big Bull FX robot EA

This EA is available in two licenses. The basic version costs $ 159.00 while the double license costs $ 279.00. 

Conclusion of this review

The vendor of the BigBull FX robot EA does not provide reliable and verifiable trading performance to prove that this robot can make over 500% monthly returns.

In fact, I believe that these claims are far-fetched and impossible to achieve on a consistent basis. It further proves to me that this Forex robot is a scalper.

Therefore, I wouldn’t advice the community at to use this robot. There are good alternatives which I have personally selected, traded with and placed in this list. They are currently the best Forex robots in the world. Give them a try.

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